The Secret Behind Meri Brown’s Cheerful Smile

Meri Brown - Instagram

Sister Wives fans have been hyperfocused on Meri Brown glowing with joy and happiness on Instagram as of late. But, is there a secret hidden behind that cheerful smile? Internet sleuths shared a recent photo from Meri’s Instagram on Reddit and proceeded to discuss her joyous glow. The OP of the thread noted that “we” (Sister Wives fans) know the truth about what inspires that happy sparkle on her face.

The conversation inside the thread, however, took a very different turn. Sister Wives fans admit they believe there is a secret hiding behind the cheerful smile she plasters all over social media. Moreover, they believe this secret has nothing to do with Kody Brown, her family, or a secret side piece giving her satisfaction in the bedroom.

Meri Brown sister Wives Instagram
Meri Brown sister Wives Instagram

So, what is it that fans think Meri Brown has hidden behind her constant and glowing smile on social media? Keep reading and we’ll explain.

The secret hidden behind Meri Brown’s smile

It is no secret that Meri Brown is heavily invested in LuLaRoeMany Sister Wives fans admit they find it shocking after a documentary was released detailing how shady the company really was. Meri, however, doubled down on her support of the company and made it clear she would waiver because of some documentary. The sales of her product continued, the LuLaRoe hashtags became more frequent, and she continued to enjoy business trips with other sales reps that she called her friends.

Meri Brown Glowing During Solo California Vacation [Screenshot | TLC]
[Screenshot | TLC]
In that thread on Reddit, fans discussed it is Meri Brown’s dedication to that cult-like business that is the real secret behind her smile. Fans note that MLM businesses put a significant amount of pressure on their sales reps to be pretty consistent with posting photos of how happy and perfect their life is. Fans note Meri Brown posting photos with a cheerful smile doesn’t mean she actually feels a drop of happiness with the camera isn’t rolling or snapping photos. Fans clarify it is something Meri Brown is pressured to continue to do regardless of how she’s really feeling.

Is Meri Brown’s cheerful smile just a mask she uses to continue to sell LuLaRoe? Fans question if Meri has anything to really be happy about as she’s stuck in a loveless marriage. Sister Wives fans admit they want more for Meri than her frustrating marriage to Kody Brown. Fans, however, have grown tired of waiting around with the hope that anything will change.

Sister Wives Meri Brown Youtube
Sister Wives Meri Brown Youtube

Is Meri Brown hiding pain behind that smile? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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