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Blayke Busby Gives ‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Chills

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Blayke Busby sent a rippling of chills through the OutDaughtered fan base recently. Her awe-inspiring actions and behavior even left her father Adam Busby speechless. What did the Busby quints’ big sister do that provoked so much emotion from fans and her father? Keep reading for the details.

Blayke Busby gives fans chills, leaves daddy speechless

It was four days ago that Adam Busby shared a video on his Instagram profile that left him speechless. The video features his oldest daughter Blayke completely surrounded by her little sisters. There was so much love and joy oozing from the video that it also sent chills rippling through Adam’s Instagram followers.

Blayke Busby/Instagram
Blayke Busby/Instagram

The video kicked off with Blayke sitting on the chair. She had Hazel firmly planted in her lap with one of her other sisters trying to squeeze in as well. Two of her other younger sisters were behind the chair taking turns fiddling with Blayke’s hair. As the video progressed, Blayke moved behind the chair taking turns fiddling with her little sister’s hair as several of them squeeze into the chair at one time.

“My Blaykers…” A speechless Adam Busby penned in the caption of the video. OutDaughtered fans agreed this video was so precious it didn’t really need a detailed caption. In the comments, fans swooned about how amazing Blayke was as a big sister.

Blayke Busby - Adam Instagram
Blayke Busby – Adam Instagram

Adam walks in on a precious moment

On his Instagram Stories, Adam Busby also revealed he had put up tents for the girls to place recently. Later, he walked in on the dark room and panned around. While it was too dark to see anything, it was what he heard that really warmed his heart.

Adam Busby - Instagram
Adam – Instagram

According to the caption of his Instagram Story, he busted Blayke saying prayers for her little sisters. It is no secret that Danielle and Adam Busby are extremely religious. The couple frequently talks about their faith and pray via their Instagram Stories. So, fans can only assume this precious moment will live in Adam’s head and heart forever.

Adam Busby - Instagram
Adam – Instagram

Do you think Blayke Busby enjoys being a big sister to so many little ones? Do you agree with fans that think she’s the spitting image of her mother, Danielle? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest Busby news.

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