‘Sister Wives’: Maddie Brush’s Child Injured, Falls From Tree

Maddie Brush - Instagram

Maddie Brown and her husband Caleb Brush’s child was injured after a nasty fall from a tree recently. The Sister Wives star took to her Instagram Stories to explain the injury after her followers started to ping her with lots of questions about what happened to his arm. It was two days ago that Maddie shared a sweet photo of her son Axel embracing his little sister, Evie. Maddie gushed about how big both of her children were getting in the caption of this sweet photo.

Credit: Maddie Brown Brush/Instagram
Credit: Maddie Brown Brush/Instagram

Sweet photo of Axel and Evie causes commotion

Maddie Brown Brush’s family recently went on a Disney trip with Christine and Janelle. Several members of the family have been sharing pictures of their Disney trip on Instagram. Two days ago, Maddie shared a sweet photo of Axel and Evie in a warm embrace. Instantly, concern poured into the comments as fans wanted to know what happened to Axel’s arm. Here are some of the concerned comments:

  • “What happend Axel? Hi From germany.”
  • “Hope Axel is doing OK after his little accident!”
  • “What happened to Axel?”
  • “Adorable! What happened to his arm?”

In response to the concerns, Maddie admitted he was just being a “crazy boy.” Fans agreed that being a boy mom was no easy feat and noted that “boys will be boys.” Unable to answer every comment regarding his arm, Maddie decided to give a more detailed answer via her Instagram Stories.

Sister Wives Maddie Brush
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Maddie Brown Brush explains her child’s injury

Maddie Brown Brush shared the same photo that caused a commotion on her Instagram Stories. She added a caption to the bottom of the photo nothing that she received TONS of questions about what was wrong with Axel’s arm. Why was it in a cast? She reassured her followers that Axel was fine. He was just injured being a little boy and doing what little boys often do.

Madison Rose Beams With Axel [Credit: Madison Rose/Instagram]
[Credit: Madison Rose/Instagram]
According to her caption, Axel was climbing up a tree when he fell. Sister Wives fans assume Axel fell on his arm wrong after falling from the tree. Maddie added it was a “very common fracture” and there was nothing to worry about.

Check out the photo below and Maddie’s explanation of what happened:

Maddie Brush - Instagram
Maddie Brush – Instagram

Do you understand why Sister Wives fans got so concerned when they realized Maddie Brush’s child had their arm in a cast? Do you think it is sweet that she took the time to address the concerns via her Instagram Stories? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Maddie Brown Brush and her children.

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