Most Cringy Duggar Marriage Proposal Ever?

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Thanks to TLC’s 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On, Duggar fans have gotten to be a part of many courtships, proposals, weddings, and other big events. Now, the topic of the most cringy marriage proposal has come up online, and a very awkward clip has resurfaced.

Many of the oldest Duggar kids’ marriage proposals were shown on TLC. Fans and critics agree that they are among the most awkward and embarrassing scenes from the show. Fans feel that the Duggars don’t know their future spouses very well because they never get to be alone with them until they’re married. Plus, because of the show, these proposals are filmed, which can add to the awkwardness.

Duggar family Instagram

Over on Reddit, Duggar snarkers are discussing the marriage proposals featured on the show. The family’s critics agree that there have been many awkward moments within the family over the years. But they’re trying to decide which one actually takes the cake.

Someone points out, “They are ALL so cringey. I think it’s because they all barely know each other and that makes them super awkward.”

Duggar snarkers determine the most cringy proposal.

It looks like many critics agree that Josh and Anna‘s proposal was actually the most cringy of them all. Josh proposed to Anna while they was eating at a restaurant with her parents on her birthday. Josh showed up with balloons and pulled Anna out of the booth to pop the question. While this might not seem too cringy, there are plenty of things about this proposal that fans find to be awkward.

One user says, “Josh’s proposal to Anna at some sh*tty restaurant while she was wearing matching shirts with her mom and looking terrified.” Someone else agrees, “Josh to Anna when she definitely didn’t want it will always be the worst for me.”

Someone mentions the balloons Josh brought in while proposing to Anna. They say, “All the balloons made pests proposal all the cheesier. Looked like he was asking a date to the prom.”

Others call the proposal “embarrassing” and “gross.” Some think that Anna looked pretty scared when Josh proposed.

You can watch Josh and Anna’s proposal video below.

So, do you agree that Josh and Anna Duggar’s proposal was the most cringy? Or do you have another awkward proposal in mind? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about your favorite TLC shows and stars, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. What a hateful article. No one on Reddit is a Duggar “Fan”
    I have watched ALL the proposal. They were all innocent and sweet. Jill’s was my favorite.
    Anna was so sweet and innocent, she has grown into a strong, amazing woman to admire.
    I don’t believe that Josh is Monster. He was REALLY naieve and curious about sex like most boys AND girls. At 14 he was still a mi or and felt so bad he told his parents. NONE if that should been allowed in his trail.
    I think they will get a new trial.

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