James Kennedy Takes New Girlfriend On Romantic Getaway

James Kennedy Takes New Girlfriend On Romantic Getaway

James Kennedy and his new girlfriend are still going strong. The Vanderpump Rules star took the mystery woman on a romantic getaway. Of course, fans are sounding off on his new relationship. This comes just months after he was first spotted with the brunette beauty in Las Vegas.

The two were spotted holding hands in Sin City. Now, James is letting everyone know he’s serious about her. The two have been spending some time alone while his co-stars have a mini VPR reunion. As TV Shows Ace reported, his exes Raquel and Kristen were spotted laughing and singing together.

British bad boy becomes romantic

James Kennedy took to his Instagram Stories to share clips and photos from his romantic getaway in Mexico. She appears to be the same woman he’s been dating since he and Raquel ended their engagement in December 2021. James shared a photo of the two kissing in the water.

He also shared photos of their room in Azulik. On Sunday, March 13, James took to his Instagram feed to share a mirror selfie. In the photo, he wore a red and white shirt, which he left unbuttoned to show off his pecs and six-pack abs. He paired the look with striped linen pants, which were slung low, and showed off his underwear.

James Kennedy Shirtless At The Gym [Credit: James Kennedy/Instagram]
[Credit: James Kennedy/Instagram]
James also made sure to get a shot of the romantic villa, which had candles all around the room. It looks like the DJ was planning a romantic weekend with his new woman. He tagged the resort in his Instagram post, which you can see here. According to Azulik’s Instagram bio, their resorts help people reconnect “with nature, art, and ancestry.”

What’s interesting is that James’ ex-girlfriend Kristen also follows the resort’s Instagram page. Azulik prides itself on having sanctuaries that transport guests into its “magical surroundings.” It sounds like the reality star is planning to woo his new girl. He’s hoping their relationship will take a new direction after this weekend.

James Kennedy gets backlash

Vanderpump Rules fans took to Reddit to share their thoughts on his romantic weekend. One fan shared the photo of James Kennedy kissing his mystery girlfriend. Some of the fans think he’s moving on too fast. Some of them claimed that he’s too co-dependent, which is why he can’t be single.

  • “He needs serious therapy. He is the poster child for codependency.”
  • “Shouting to the world I CAN’T BE ALONE FOR A WHOLE A** SECOND.”
  • “To each their own, but James screams codependency to me and that his validation lies in companionship which boosts his ego and self-worth.”
  • “He always seems to post stuff like this when Raquel is having a good time.”
  • “Given that James was probably cheating on Raquel throughout their relationship, I’m not even sure this qualifies as a rebound.”

James Kennedy's Mystery Girl On Romantic Getaway [Credit: James Kennedy/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: James Kennedy/Instagram Stories]
What are your thoughts on James Kennedy’s romantic getaway? Do you think it’s too much, too soon? Do you think he should lay low and stay single for a while? Sound off below in the comment section.

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