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How Does Tammy Slaton Keep Surviving Her Near-Fatal Emergencies?

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1000-Lb. Sisters star Tammy Slaton has a myriad of medical issues. But thankfully, she’s managed to survive many close calls and near-death experiences. Her friends, fans, and family members are happy she’s still here. But how does she manage to keep surviving?

There are plenty of Reddit threads that follow Tammy Slaton and Amy Halterman and speculate about their lives. We recently reported that one Reddit user thinks that Tammy Slaton may even be duping her fans about her weight loss journey.

But as Screen Rant points out, there may be a significant reason behind Tammy Slaton’s survival.

Tammy Slaton may have a little bit of luck on her side

In the original Reddit post, one user posts an unfiltered photo of Tammy Slaton. She still appears to be very large, which the OP believes indicates she hasn’t lost any weight yet. Some Reddit users agree, but others aren’t so sure. Either way, it sparked a lot of discussion in the comments — how has Tammy Slaton survived all her medical emergencies?

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“She’s still relatively young…that’s the only reason she’s still alive,” says one user. “But when you’re in your 30s with diabetes, sleep apnea, gout, blood clots, lung problems, heart problems, organ problems, a trach, etc, etc, etc….even your age won’t make you last much longer.”

Tammy is only 35-years-old, so this is a great point. But as her physicians frequently point out to her, it’s not going to be easy to survive her conditions once she starts getting older.

Other users responded that they were so surprised to learn that Tammy also beat COVID-19 in addition to her health issues.

“Agreed, she’s extremely lucky where other, much healthier people, weren’t,” said a user.

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So as Reddit puts it, Tammy Slaton seems to survive because of her current age and a lot of sheer luck. Keep in mind there were many points in her life where her siblings started to plan her funeral.

But for now, Tammy seems like she’s doing really well in rehab. Hopefully, we’ll see her make progress on her health journey when 1000-Lb. Sisters returns for Season 4.

What is the TLC star up to these days?

For now, fans just really want Tammy Slaton to focus on her health. Throughout her time on 1000-Lb. Sisters, she seems to slide backward whenever she gets into a new relationship. They hope her stay in rehab will help her focus on the right goals and she’ll get into better shape.

As far as we know, Tammy is indeed still in rehab and continues to make progress. Fans have asked her for weight loss updates, but she says she isn’t allowed to reveal anything until Season 4 comes out. Hopefully this means TLC already started filming and we can expect Season 4 to drop later this year.

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