Lala Kent Already ‘Claiming’ A New Guy?

Lala Kent Already 'Claiming' A New Guy? [Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]

Lala Kent has confused fans about her dating life. At first, the Vanderpump Rules star wasn’t sold on the idea of dating again. She didn’t feel comfortable about leaving her baby Ocean behind. However, she has dipped a toe into dating, but only on a friend level. Lala only wants to date within a group setting.

She’s also undecided on whether she wants to pursue a new relationship. Previously, the Bravo star revealed that she just wants to have fun at the moment. She doesn’t want to lock herself down to any man. Yet, Lala’s “claiming” a new guy after making those comments.

Lala Kent is navigating the dating world

In February 2022, Lala Kent shared her thoughts on dating. During an episode of Katie Maloney’s podcast, You’re Gonna Love Me, her co-star talked about her dating life. Lala made it clear that she doesn’t want to settle down. She would rather take it slow and go on a bunch of dates.

“I’m not actively looking for a dude, like if you fit into my friend group and you’re fun, like you can come out with us,” Lala Kent told Katie. “But, like, let’s not talk about going to the next level after a handful of dates, like the next level is just another date. How about that.”

Lala Kent's Busy Dating Life [Credit: Lala Kent/Instagram]
[Credit: Lala Kent/Instagram]
The Give Them Lala founder is having trouble with dating. In a previous interview with Tap In W/Harry Jowsey, Lala said her sobriety makes it hard for her to meet someone. However, she doesn’t have a problem dating someone who drinks. She just doesn’t want someone who gets out of control with alcohol.

“If you are getting white girl wasted like all the time around me like we’re not connecting but if like I go on a date with a dude and he decides to have a f****ing whiskey or a glass of wine or even gets a good buzz on, like do you, like you’re a normie like go and live your best life,” Lala Kent explained. “I don’t mind being around people who drink.”

Already “claiming” a new guy?

Lala Kent returned to the Tap In W/Harry Jowsey podcast. In the March 2022 episode, she shared an update on her dating life. She admitted that she “get[s] very territorial” when it comes to the people she dates. In fact, the reality star was already “claiming” a new guy this past weekend.

“Just this past weekend, I was hanging out with this dude and I walk inside but when I walk back out, there’s this girl who was clearly maneuvering her way to like sit on his lap and I was about to drag this h**,” Lala Kent said. “And like this isn’t my man. But like for now, I’m claiming him. Get your flat a** up and disengage.”

Randall Emmett And Lala Kent's Dinner Date [Credit: Instagram]
[Credit: Instagram]
The 31-year-old didn’t reveal who she’s dating. Though she’s not interested in diving into another relationship, she would love to date someone who “wines and dines” her. What are your thoughts on Lala Kent’s dating life? Sound off below in the comment section.

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