Why Isn’t A New Episode Of ‘Sister Wives’ On Tonight?

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Sunday nights since November have been exclusively reserved for Sister Wives. Season 16 has been filled with plenty of ups and downs but tonight, fans will not find it on their guides. A new episode is not even located in the Discovery Plus app. So, why is there no new Sister Wives episode this evening? Viewers may not be thrilled with the answer but there is more of the Brown family ahead.

No New Sister Wives This Sunday, Why?

Last week, Sister Wives: One on One aired, and a lot was unpacked. Kody Brown shared his feelings about his divorce from Christine while getting angry with host, Sukanya Krishnan. This came on the heels of another episode-free week. The reason being: The Super Bowl which die-hard fans deemed not a good enough reason to postpone their favorite shows. Part two of the tell-all left on a frustrating note with Robyn claiming that Kody and Christine weren’t even divorced.

Sister Wives Credit: TLC

She said they had to go to the church to officially end their marriage. Since that had not been done, there was no divorce. Christine snapped back saying she had not been a member of the church for years. Therefore, the rules did not apply to her. As for his relationship with Janelle, it was really just a good friendship and she had no plans of leaving. Same for Meri who he had not been intimate with for a decade. He would take care of her as in always having a home but that was it.

Robyn Brown Credit: TLC

It seemed the family was really broken and Christine leaving really had nothing to do with it. This was the first tell-all the family had done in years so it was a big deal. That being said, the three-part tell-all signaled the end of Season 16. This means the season is over for some time. Yet, how long will fans have to wait?

When Will Season 17 Air?

Yes, there will be a Season 17 as Robyn and Meri both confirmed they are currently filming on one of Meri’s Instagram lives. Christine’s son, Paedon even said his mom is filming despite her moving to Utah. As to when the new season will air, that is anybody’s guess. There are usually about six to seven months between seasons so that would put it at September 2022. Luckily, fans can still get their SW fix weekly as TLC has given Christine her own cooking show.

Christine Brown Credit: Christine Brown IG

Cooking With Just Christine can be streamed every Sunday and will feature her children occasionally. Along with that, all sixteen seasons are available on Discovery Plus. So, if you really want to watch the show, there is a way. Taking its place will be the fifth season of Unexpected officially premiering next Sunday.

Are you going to miss the Brown family or are you happy for a change? Let us know in the comments.


Amanda Lauren


  1. Please please more sister wives. We cannot wait that long. Why are we so far behind the US. PLEASE PUT THE SHOW BACK ON.

  2. I am proud of Christine for leaving Kody. She looks so much more happier then ever before. She doesn’t need him at all. Wish Meri would get brave and leave him also,for she could do so much better. As for Janelle I admire her for caring of CC hildren the way she does,she should never let anyone come between her children. If Kody has a problem with that he is just a sick man that she doesn’t need in her in life either. Christine will be successful with her cooking show and cannot wait to see it aired on TV

  3. very disfunctional show,screwed up women to go after one guy,you have to be pretty desperate to share with three other women,and the worse thing is he isn’t really good looking and has zero sex appeal.

  4. I’m so disgusted by Robin, she used Mary to get control of what Mary had when she was married to Cody. It wasn’t enough that they paid off all her debt and gave her financial freedom, she had to be in control of all finances, should something happen to Cody. Disgusting. It wasn’t about her kids wanting Cody to be their dad, she had to have what is rightfully Mary’s. How sad. What a gold digger. And Mary’s heart was to big to see what was really happening. She played Mary like a fiddle. Robin is pathetic. A pretender. She cares about no one but herself, fans can see through her fake tears, its easy for us to see because we are outside the situation. I’m proud of Christine for walking away. I wish Mary would she’s such a good woman and deserve so much more. Please when you ladies leave take what is rightfully yours money and all. Don’t leave it to a greedy lying underhanded woman like Robin. She’s a home wrecker. And a liar, watch the episodes ladies you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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