Meri Brown’s Old Advice For Dealing With Kody Surfaces: Still Spot On?

meri brown - kody brown sister wives youtube

A few days ago, old advice Meri Brown gave to Christine on how to deal with Kody resurfaced. As his first wife, fans assume Meri should be a bit of an expert when it comes to handling Kody. What advice did she give to Christine? Is the advice still spot on? Sister Wives fans hashed out their thoughts on this advice via Reddit a few days ago. Keep reading for all the details.

meri brown - kody brown sister wives youtube

What is Meri Brown’s advice for handling Kody?

Speaking to Christine, Meri Brown says in an older episode of Sister Wives the key to handling Kody Brown is not to bring any of your problems to him. “Don’t bring up problems with him.” Meri said while relaxing in bed. While the thread did not clarify exactly when Meri gave this episode, Sister Wives fans proceeded to discuss the advice and whether it was still spot on.

Was this good advice and is it still spot on?

The first response to this snapshot of Meri Brown giving advice was affirmation that it was and always has been spot on. The individual added this advice was the only way to get along with Kody Brown. Many others chimed in to agree the advice was spot on.

meri brown - kody brown sister wives youtube

In a slight change of topic, one fan noted this advice being as spot on as it was was depressing. Sister Wives fans believed Meri and Kody’s other wives must live pretty miserable lives.

“What an awful way to live. To become so small that you barely exist just to appease the ego of this man.” One fan penned.

Another fan chimed in that Christine Brown had the right idea. The idea to dump Kody Brown and ran. Fans remained hopeful that Janelle and Meri would eventually see the light and dump Kody as well. But, both women still cling to the belief that they are happy and in love with Kody. Christine, however, admitted during the tell-all she was not willing to have a marriage that looked anything like what Meri and Kody have.

Christine Brown And Kody Brown [Credit: YouTube]

So, do you think Meri Brown’s advice for handling Kody is still spot on? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Sister Wives.

Allie Johnson


  1. How awful to live that way! Kick Kody to the curb! What a useless partner when you can’t discuss problems or issues!

    1. So let me understand, is the idea that to make him happy, you let him sleep with four different women, conceive children, and never deal with the day to day, hum, interesting???

  2. I don’t understand plural marriage at all the man has it .made he gets tired of one wife moves on to new one .He has all the advantages and the wifes take care of everything for him .I say Christine did right thing wake up ladies get life

    1. Really? Yes, the women in the family all have blinders on, and why they stick around is beyond me, but I sincerely hope you were joking when you cracked that statement about Kody. Kody has some kind of pull over these women, and is just as much at fault as the other wives are.

  3. I enjoy watching the show,but I feel sorry for what the women go through for cody. They ste all beautiful women and I wish them nothing but happiness.

  4. He is as bad or worse then Warren Jeff’s. I would never stay in a loveless marriage. All Kody thinks about is himself. My husband always wanted to hear my troubles, to help me cope. I am happy for Christine. It’s a hard decision to make.

  5. I just don’t understand why the rest of the wise feel obligated to Cody. It’s very clear that he don’t care about them are they that desperate for love to let a man do this to them what if one of these was your kids and they came to you and told you the way they were feeling what would you tell them to stay and be miserable Christine was the smartest one of all she got out meri don’t you understand your out just can’t see it . Janelle already took you out and do did Cody wake up meri and smell the life your not welcome there anymore.

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