Lifetime’s ‘Framed By My Sister’ Is A Triplet Sister Thriller

Lifetime-Framed By My Sister, used with permission

Ready for another Wicked Revenge movie? Lifetime’s Framed By My Sister is triple the thriller. This chilling tale stars Scout Taylor-Compton (Halloween, A Daughter’s Deceit), T.K. Richardson (If She Screams, Caroline), and Tracy Nelson (The Wrong Stepmother, Square Pegs).

Here is what we know about this upcoming LMN movie.

What Is Lifetime’s Framed By My Sister About?

This Wicked Revenge will have you seeing triple. According to The Futon Critic, Reina and Alex (Taylor-Compton) are twins. Their lives are upended when they discover they are triplets when they meet Trinity (Taylor-Compton). However, Trinity was separated at birth. Moreover, she has devised a diabolical plan to frame one sister for murder, while assuming the identity of the other sister.

When Can You Watch Lifetime’s Framed By My Sister?

Catch the premiere of Lifetime’s Framed By My Sister on Friday, February 25, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on LMN.

Don’t Miss A Deadly Grudge

Want a night of Lifetime thrillers? Then tune into LMN at 6 p.m., Eastern for A Deadly Grudge. This stars Annika Foster (Burning Lies, The Nightmare House), Aubrey Reynolds (Christmas Tree Lane, Love’s Portrait), and Jonathan Stoddard  (Young And The Restless, Killer Ambition).

According to the IMDb synopsis, family dynamics take a messy turn in this high-energy thriller. In this movie, a woman learns she has a half-sister at her mother’s funeral.

As her perfect life starts to unravel, she suspects her new sister is to blame for her mother’s death. However, she must find proof to convince her father and her fiancé before they fall prey to her sister’s game.

Lifetime Sinfidelity-used with permission
Lifetime Sinfidelity-used with permission

Lifetime’s Sinfidelity Completes Evening Of Thrillers

Why not end your evening of Lifetime thrillers with Sinfidelity. This airs on LMN at 10 p.m., Eastern, right after Framed By My Sister. This Lifetime movie stars Jade Tailor (The Magicians, Within The Silence),  Aidan Bristow (American Horror Story, 9-1-1), Blythe Howard (Dynasty, Yellowstone), and Mark Jude Sullivan (Why Women Kill, For The People).

According to the IMDb synopsis, Angela (Tailor) is married to a man with a history of being unfaithful. However, when she notices that her husband Greg (Sullivan) is showing signs of cheating yet again, her best friend has a suggestion. She encourages Angela to have a one-night stand with an unbelievably gorgeous man named Franco (Bristow).

Unfortunately, Angela discovers that she was wrong about her husband’s infidelity. She jumped to the wrong conclusion. Yes, Greg was sneaking around. However, it was to plan a romantic getaway for the two of them.

In addition, Franco is now obsessed with Angela. Moreover, his unreasonable behavior has a reoccurring pattern.

Franco is not just a stalker. He has murdered!

Worse of all, he has orchestrated Angela’s downward spiral.

Don’t miss the premiere of Lifetime’s Framed By My Sister on Friday, February 25, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on LMN.

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