Audrey Roloff Shares Painful Health Condition Update

Audrey Roloff Instagram

Audrey Roloff, formerly of TLC’s Little People, Big World, has been dealing with a painful health condition. Now, she’s sharing a few more details with fans and letting them know whether it’s gotten better or worse. So, what painful health condition does Audrey struggle with, and how is she feeling now?

In the past, Audrey has shared a few details about her overall health. She’s pretty open with fans when it comes to pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. She recently shared about her ongoing mastitis struggles after her son Radley was born in November 2021.

Now, she’s opening up about a different health condition she often deals with while she’s pregnant. Audrey Roloff has previously shared about symphysis pubis dysfunction. She talked about it a bit when she was pregnant with Radley.

Healthline describes symphysis pubis dysfunction as “a group of symptoms that cause discomfort in the pelvic region.”

The source notes, “It usually occurs during pregnancy, when your pelvic joints become stiff or move unevenly. It can occur both at the front and back of your pelvis. SPD is also sometimes referred to as pelvic girdle pain. The condition isn’t harmful to your baby, but it could be extremely painful for you. In some, the pain may be so severe that it affects mobility.”

Audrey Roloff Instagram
Audrey Roloff Instagram

Audrey Roloff reveals how her painful health condition is these days.

In a new Instagram story this weekend, Audrey Roloff shared a picture of herself in front of a mirror at the gym. The mom to three shared an update on her health condition while revealing she had worked out. She has an infant car seat beside her, so it looks like she brought her three-month-old baby, Radley Knight, along with her.

In her post, Audrey writes, “First run since having Radley… but actually first run since before I was pregnant with him so it’s been over a year. So thankful my symphysis pubis dysfunction went away really quickly postpartum this time. With Bode I couldn’t run till 5 months pp.”

So, it looks like Audrey Roloff is doing very well and doesn’t have to worry about her painful health condition. If she becomes pregnant again, she may end up with the same issue, however. For now, she can relax and get back to working out and living her life free of symphysis pubis dysfunction pain!

Audrey Roloff Instagram
Audrey Roloff Instagram

So, did you know about Audrey Roloff’s painful health condition? Are you glad to hear it’s improving? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And for more Roloff family updates, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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