Lala Kent Shares Biggest Lesson From ‘VPR,’ Leaving Los Angeles?

Lala Kent Shares Biggest Lesson From VPR, Leaving Los Angeles [Credit: YouTube]

Lala Kent shares her biggest lesson from Vanderpump Rules. She also hinted that she may leave Los Angeles. On Thursday, February 17, the Bravo star held a Q&A with her fans on her Instagram Stories. She’s been interacting more with her followers lately.

This comes after she sent the ultimate diss to her ex-fiance, Randall Emmett. Lala has reflected back on her season of Pump Rules. She struggled to watch this season back all because of her relationship with the film producer. Lala even had a tough time with the virtual reunion because she was still emotional about their split.

Lala Kent shares her biggest lesson from Vanderpump Rules

One fan asked Lala Kent one lesson she’s learned from Season 9 of VPR. They wrote, “What was your biggest lesson from VPR so far?” The Give Them Lala founder admitted that she learned how to love herself and to forgive herself. She gained confidence in her growth ever since she joined Vanderpump Rules in Season 3.

“Love yourself and forgive yourself,” Lala Kent wrote. “This world will eat you alive if you let it. Your thoughts are important and you should be heard. The show taught me to be confident in who I am and my evolution. No pun intended @evolutionusa.”

Lala Kent Answers Fans Questions [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
Another fan wanted to know how she keeps so slim. This comes after Lala Kent has been looking gaunt lately. Some fans are shocked over her new figure. They’re only concerned because she’s been stressed since the news of her split from Randall. Regardless, fans agree that Lala has been looking good lately.

“What kind of diet do you follow to look so good?” one fan wrote.

Lala Kent Talks Lessons Learned [Credit: Lala Kent/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Lala Kent/Instagram Stories]
Lala Kent said she credits “genetics” for her good looks. She admitted that she and her brothers are more “on the thinner side.” The Bravo star said that “skinny flab” can happen if she doesn’t “workout or eats consciously.” While she doesn’t like diets, she does eat in moderation.

“Enjoy your life. Eat amazing tasting food,” Lala Kent wrote. “Have a piece of cake, not the whole cake. Have a slice of pizza, not the whole pizza. Every body is beautiful, and if you feel confident and happy, that’s all that matters.”

Is she leaving Los Angeles?

Lala Kent had her reservations about returning to Pump Rules. At the time, she didn’t feel supported by her co-stars. Yet, she changed her tune and admitted they’ve been there for her after the news of her split. But, it looks like Lala is considering leaving Los Angeles behind after securing a new apartment.

“Would you ever consider coming back to SLC?” another fan asked.

“My life is in L.A., but I am planning on getting a place in Utah soon,” Lala Kent teased.

Lala Kent Teases Move [Credit: Lala Kent/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Lala Kent/Instagram Stories]
What are your thoughts on Lala Kent leaving Los Angeles? Do you think she’ll move back to Utah? Do you think this means she’s leaving Vanderpump Rules? Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Lala Kent.

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