Did Wendy Williams Post Old Video To Show She’s OK?

Did Wendy Williams Post Old Video To Show She's OK? [Credit: YouTube]

Wendy Williams shared an update with her fans. It’s her first update since September 2021. She informed fans that she will be returning to her show soon. She also shared what she’s been up to since her hiatus. Wendy has not sat in her purple chair ever since July 2021.

Instead, a series of celebrity guest hosts have filled her spot. Meanwhile, fans have been wondering what Wendy has been up to. They’ve been wanting an update from their favorite talk show host. Wendy heard her fans and shared a rare video of herself from Florida, where she’s staying for the time being.

Wendy Williams makes her Instagram debut

Normally, Wendy Williams will use her official The Wendy Williams Show Instagram account to keep her fans updated on her life. However, she started a personal Instagram account. She made her debut with a video update. Wendy Williams shared a rare video, which was first shared by her son Kevin Hunter Jr. You can view the entire footage here or you can check out the short clip below.

In the video, she wore an oversized black hooded sweatshirt. She walked along a beach in Florida as she updated fans on her life. Wendy wanted to know how she’s been doing since she took an extended hiatus. In the 5-minute video, she proved that she can walk just fine on her own.

“It’s just after 8 o’clock in the morning and I’m doing OK, you know?” Wendy Williams tells her son, who recorded the video.

Wendy Williams Shares Video On Personal Instagram [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
The former radio personality has been staying in Florida because it’s “very peaceful” compared to New York City. Wendy also wanted to stay with her family. She told her fans that she plans to go to the gym after her morning and make a few calls. She also promised that she’s “going back stronger.”

Wendy Williams has been on a hiatus since July 2021. She was dealing with Graves’ disease and a breakthrough case of COVID. Wendy didn’t specify when she would return to her talk show. This comes after producers are securing Sherri Shepherd as the permanent temporary host.

Did Wendy Williams post an old video?

Fans aren’t convinced by Wendy Williams’ video. They think she posted old footage to prove that she’s OK. They noticed some discrepancies in the video. For example, she said that she was visiting her mother in Florida. Her mom passed away in December 2020.

Also, Wendy Williams said she’s 56 years old. She is currently 57. Some of the fans took to the comment section to share their thoughts on the video. Some think it’s old footage she used to prove she’s fine.

  • “This video is a year old.”
  • “I believe this is an old video.”
  • “This have to be old because she said its good to have family like her mom dad and others… But I thought her mother had passed 🙏🏽🙏🏽.”
  • “The video is old. She keeps referencing that she is 56 years old but she’s actually 57.”

Wendy’s publicist told Page Six that she simply misspoke when she talked about her age. As for her mother, she visits her burial that’s in Florida. The rep claimed that the video was filmed on Wednesday morning. Yet, some fans don’t know what to think and hope to get another update from her soon.

What are your thoughts on Wendy Williams’ new video? Do you think it’s old? Do you think they’re trying to prove she’s OK? Sound off below in the comment section.

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