Wendy Williams & Hilary Duff Getting Sued For ‘Hot Topic’ Segment?

Wendy Williams And Hilary Duff Getting Sued By Hot Topic Segment? [Credit: YouTube]

A paparazzo is suing both Wendy Williams and Hilary Duff for making him look like a “predator.” This comes amid the talk show host’s health issues and financial problems. According to recent court documents, she’s currently in the middle of a lawsuit brought by photographer Darryl Wilkins. He claims that both Williams and Duff made him look like a “predator” after Wilkins ended up in a heated argument with Duff.

The former Disney star called the photographer “creepy” when he took photos of her kids at her son’s football game in February 2020. During the “Hot Topics” segment, the former radio-television personality called out Wilkins for invasion of privacy. Williams sided with Duff in her feud.

Darryl Wilkins fights back

As a result, Darryl Wilkins filed a lawsuit against Hilary Duff and Wendy Williams. On Wednesday, February 9, Radar obtained the court documents about the filing. Talk WW Productions, the company that produces The Wendy Williams Show, is in the middle of a lawsuit that cites defamation of a paparazzo. The daytime talk show is firing back at Wilkins. They asked the court to dismiss Wilkins’ claims.

He’s suing the talk show host, producers, and the Younger star. It all started back in February 2020 when Duff and Wilkins got into an argument at a park where her young son was playing football. Duff said it was “creepy” that he was taking photos of her kids. Wilkins claims no wrongdoing.

Hilary Duff And Wendy Williams Sued By Paparazzo [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
He took offense at her words and argues that he was acting like a “child predator.” A few months later, Williams talked about it on her popular daytime show. Williams called him out. Wilkins said the “Hot Topics” segment made him look like a “predator,” which tarnished his reputation. He is seeking unspecified damages from Duff and Williams.

Williams has not responded to the lawsuit. She’s been MIA from her talk show due to ongoing medical issues. The television personality has not been in her purple chair since July 2021. Producers claim the show should not be held responsible since Williams was acting in her capacity when she made the comments.

Wendy Williams dealing with financial issues

This comes after Wendy Williams is in a dispute with Wells Fargo over her bank account. They allegedly locked her out of her account that contained “several million dollars” which cost her “imminent and irreparable financial damage.” The 57-year-old had to file a petition with a New York judge to grant her access to her finances.

The Grio was the first to obtain the court documents. As a result, the radio jockey is having financial struggles after being locked out of her account for two weeks. Wells Fargo argues that Williams is not in the mental capacity to manage her bank account. However, Williams’ legal team says that it’s costing her assistants, the production team, and other colleagues time and money.

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