‘Sweet Home Sextuplets’ What Is Eric Waldrop’s Other Job?

What does Sweet Home Sextuplets star Eric Waldrop do? The dad to nine keeps very busy with his job, as well as other important roles around his home and property. The family previously had a TLC show, which kept them even busier, though they have since stepped away from that obligation.

On Sweet Home Sextuplets, Eric talked about his job and how he provides for his family of 11. He said, “I own a landscape company based in north Alabama.” In the first episode, he also explained, “And on top of owning my own business, we live on top of 40 acres.”

If you’re a Sweet Home Sextuplets fan, you may know that the Waldrops live out in the country. With this lifestyle comes lots of responsibilities. The family recently took on a new project – they’re building a chicken coop. They are always up to something.

But Eric has many other important roles, too. His wife, Courtney Waldrop, recently gave fans a peek at something else he is responsible for. So, what is his other job?

Sweet Home Sextuplets, YouTube

Sweet Home Sextuplets dad Eric Waldrop gets busy with another job.

In a new Instagram video, Courtney Waldrop gave fans a peek at her husband’s other job. In the short video, Eric is herding a large group of sheep.

Courtney writes, “Country living at it’s finest!!🐑🐑🐑When Eric is not herding KIDS he’s herding sheep and cows😝”

Fans are totally loving Courtney’s latest update. They love getting a peek into the family’s lives. While many of her posts are all about the sextuplets or her three older boys, fans enjoy hearing about Eric and Courtney, too.

One Sweet Home Sextuplets fan is especially glad to see that the kids get to have the experience of growing up in the country. They write, “❤️Y’all have a great life and surroundings for your precious 9 children to learn from. Awesome family!❤️” 

Sweet Home Sextuplets, Courtney Waldrop Instagram

Fans have gotten a peek into the Waldrops’ farm life before. Courtney previously shared about her husband delivering a baby calf and providing medical care. They also recently welcomed a kitten to their family. There will probably be more farm updates in the future, which fans love to hear about. So, be sure to stay tuned.

You can watch the sheep herding video here.

So, did you know about Eric Waldrop’s other job? What do you think of the sheep herding video? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And for more news about the Sweet Home Sextuplets family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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