‘Sister Wives’ Gwendlyn Brown Finds True Calling: Heckling Daddy?

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Christine and Kody Brown’s daughter Gwendlyn inadvertently found her true calling yesterday. Turns out, she’s got a real knack for heckling daddy. And, Sister Wives fans are here for it.

Realizing she may have found her true calling, Gwendlyn Brown followed up with her heckling of her following to point out just how into it people really were.

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How did Gwendlyn Brown heckle her father Kody exactly?

Christine and Kody’s daughter shared a screenshot on her Instagram Stories. The screenshot was a Google search. Turns out, Gwendlyn decided to Google her father’s name and see what came up. While she never really explained what prompted her to do a Google search for her father’s name. But, Sister Wives fans everywhere were thrilled she decided to do so.

When Gwendlyn Brown did a Google search for her father, the description on Google labeled Kody Brown as Christine’s ex-husband. Gwendlyn was shook by these results, but she thought they were hilarious.

A few hours later, she shared another screenshot showing some of her stats on the Instagram Story revealing her Google search of her father. She jested that she believed she has finally found her niche. Is heckling daddy the key to her gaining followers?

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Sister Wives fans love Christine’s children

Fans of Sister Wives love Christine’s children. It also is no secret that Christine’s children don’t seem to care for or respect Kody. Likewise, many have subtly made it clear they are on Christine’s side of the divorce — not Kody’s.

It also is no secret that Sister Wives fans really just don’t like Kody. Fans differ across the board with which of his wives they do and don’t like. Everyone has a favorite wife. But, fans all across the board are pretty consistent in their hatred of Kody.

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So, no one was too surprised to see Sister Wives fans were over the moon about what Gwendlyn Brown posted on her Instagram Stories yesterday. Ironically enough, Gwendlyn has always been a pretty controversial member of the family. It wasn’t that long ago that she posted something on her Instagram profile that had the internet ready to cancel her because of how offensive it was. So, this rush of attention she’s receiving for heckling her father may have even caught her a little off guard.

Did you see Gwendlyn Brown’s Instagram Story? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Sister Wives.

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