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Jana, Jinger, & Michelle Disobey Jim Bob Duggar With Wardrobe Choices

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Former Counting On stars Jana, Jinger, and Michelle are changing things up and stepping outside of Jim Bob Duggar’s wardrobe rules. This might come as a surprise to fans who have watched the family grow up on TLC and seen the outfits they typically wear.

If you’re a Duggar fan, you know that the family dresses very modestly. The girls are expected to wear long skirts or dresses. Their tops cannot be revealing and they often wear “modesty panels” underneath their already conservative shirts. Jim Bob Duggar’s daughters even wear skirts while participating in outdoor activities.

But now, it looks like Jana, Jinger, and Michelle are all ditching those strict rules. So, what happened, and what are the mom and daughters wearing now?

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Jana, Jinger, & Michelle defy Jim Bob Duggar’s rules.

If you’ve followed the Duggars for a while, you may know that some of the married daughters have started wearing pants or tighter-fitting clothing. This is a huge change from what fans saw them wearing under Jim Bob Duggar’s roof.

Surprisingly, Jana recently started wearing pants. This is shocking because she still lives under her parents’ roof and seems to adhere to all of their other rules.

Typically, in the Duggar family’s religion, the husbands or dads make the rules. But Jana isn’t married, so she still must follow her dad’s guidelines. But now, it looks like she’s officially breaking away.

Currently, Jana, Michelle, and several other family members have reunited with Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo in Los Angeles, California. Jinger and Jeremy moved there a couple of years ago, while most of the rest of the family lives in Arkansas.

The Sun has exclusive photos of Jana, Jinger, and Michelle walking around Los Angeles in clothes that Jim Bob Duggar definitely wouldn’t approve of. In the snaps, Jana is wearing skinny jeans with a tee shirt. Jinger is dressed in a similar outfit.

The biggest surprise is Michelle Duggar’s outfit choice. Depending on the angle, it looks like she may be wearing skinny jeans or leggings. However, from different perspectives, it’s more obvious that she’s wearing a skirt over a pair of leggings. Still, her ankles are visible and her lower legs are on display in pretty tight leggings.

You can see the photos of Jana, Jinger, and Michelle here.

So, does it surprise you to see Jana, Jinger, and Michelle all breaking Jim Bob Duggar’s wardrobe rules? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Duggar family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. Wow! I really hate to hear about all this negativity going on within the Duggar household. I’ve admired and followed this family since Michelle D. was pregnant with her 13th child. Back when they stayed in a two-bedroom residence, while they built their mega family home. Although as perfect as this family appeared, I knew there’s no such thing as “the perfect” family. But I was hoping they were the closest thing to it. I wish the family well and hope they all learn from Josh’s and Anna’s mistakes and dedicate themselves to raising up their children in loving and well-disciplined homes. Protect the babies!!

    1. Jim bob is a narcissist. Jinger is married and is “ under” her husband and can wear whatever Jeremy ok’s. I work with level 1 adult SO that are locked up. There is more to the josh story and how Jim bob plus Michelle covered it up and didn’t protect their daughters.

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