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Fans SHOCKED Over Michelle Duggar’s Latest Appearance

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19 Kids & Counting and Counting On star Michelle Duggar has totally changed. The mom to 19 rarely appears in photos these days, so fans haven’t seen her for a little while. But now that she’s made an appearance on social media, the family’s followers are shocked to see how different she looks.

When the Duggars were still on TLC, viewers saw frequent photos and videos of Michelle and the rest of the family. But without the show airing, fans have to keep up with the family on social media. While Michelle shares lots of updates about her kids and grandkids, she doesn’t post many pictures of herself. Her kids also don’t share many snaps of her online.

But now, fans are getting an update from the Duggar mom and they’re getting a chance to see how much she’s changed recently. So, what has changed about Michelle Duggar, and how does she look?

Jana Duggar Instagram

Michelle Duggar makes a rare appearance and shows off her new look.

In a new Instagram story post on Monday, Jana shared a snap of herself, her mom, and her brothers, James and Jason. They’re all at the airport together on their way to California. Because Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo live in Los Angeles, it seems like the Duggars are heading there for a visit.

While many fans are excited to see the family reunited again, many of the family’s followers noticed how different Michelle is looking these days.

On Reddit, Duggar snarkers are discussing the matriarch’s new look. One Reddit user points out Michelle’s skin tone and how she looks very tan in the new post. They write, “Michelle is channeling her inner jersey shore goddess.”

One critic adds, “I think she looks pretty good for her age but the stuck in the 80s look is making her look worse. I am her age and was really happy to move past 80s hair and tan. Not sure why some people hold onto it.”

Someone else writes, “She’s tiny and thin, but sadly somehow this is actually the healthiest and least brittle she’s looked in a long time.” Others disagree and don’t think she looks so good in the new photo. One snarker says, “Came here to say the opposite 😆 she looks rough but maybe it’s just her normal face.” Someone else chimes in, saying that she looks “rough for 55.”

Jana Duggar Instagram

So, what do you think of Michelle Duggar’s new look? Can you believe how much she has changed? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Duggar family, come back to TV Shows Ace

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  1. I think that Michelle looks beautiful. After carrying and giving birth to 19 kids and all she has been through, I think she looks wonderful! ❤

  2. It would have been important to include in this article why their show isn’t on tlc anymore or why she hasn’t shown her face 👀

    1. Show was cancelled because Michelle Dugger’s pedophile son Josh molested underaged girls. Those poor victims are his SISTERS. Sicko he is. His parents never had him charged for victimizing their daughters. I’ve completely lost respect for the parents, Josh, and the ones that supports him. His wife’s not all there for marrying a pedophile and having 7 kids by him. I hope he never victimized his kids. I’m glad it’s cancelled. I also hope that Josh Duggar was found guilty of receiving/possessing child p0rn. He faces 20 years. I hope that the monster gets 20 years without the possibility of parole. It’s very well deserved.

  3. I think Michelle Dugger looks great. She is 55, forevermore. She is not a 20 year old. She doesn’t look any more tan to me than she ever has. She has darker skin tones.

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