Blayke Busby Learning To Be A ‘Proper Lady’ Danielle Tears Up

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OutDaughtered star Blayke Busby sure is growing up quickly. Her mom, Danielle Busby, isn’t quite ready for all of these changes and can’t believe her eldest daughter is already becoming a “proper lady.” One moment, in particular, caused Danielle to get teary-eyed.

After all, Blayke isn’t so little anymore. The big sister is 10 years old, so many changes are coming up quickly. Danielle has shared lots of photos and videos of all of her daughters recently, proving just how much they’ve grown up. It’s definitely been an emotional time for the Busby mother.

So, what is the latest with Blayke Busby, and what does her mom have to say about it all?


Blayke Busby is growing up fast.

On Instagram, Danielle revealed just how old her little girl is. The mom-to-six shared a couple of snaps of Blayke Busby with a few other children her age. Then, she revealed what Blayke is up to these days.

In her caption, Danielle explained, “Blayke’s first year doing Cotillion. I got to stay at watch the first class tonight and boy oh boy did I laugh quite a bit seeing her (along with all the other 5th graders) get all giggly, shy & nervous.”

Then, the mom added, “I love watching my baby girl grow up and seeing the little lady she is turning into but i sure do get teary eyed seeing how fast she is growing up😢🥰 ”

Danielle Busby Instagram
Danielle Busby Instagram

In the comments section of Danielle’s post, fans are commenting on how old Blayke is looking. She’s not a little girl anymore, fans think. One fan writes, “She’s growing up so lovely.”

Some OutDaughtered fans, especially the ones that live outside of the United States, are curious about what cotillion is. It’s meant to teach young people manners. The fans who have already heard of cotillion are shocked to know that it’s still offered and people still take their kids to lessons.

Overall, fans think it’s great that Blayke is taking etiquette and manners lessons. They hope she enjoys it. Maybe Danielle will share an update when all of Blayke’s lessons are complete and fans can see what the 10-year-old thought of the experience.

So, can you believe how quickly Blayke Busby is growing up? Did you know about cotillion? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the OutDaughtered family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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