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TikTok Bombshell: Did Chris Olsen & Ian Paget Split Up?


A TikTok bombshell has been dropped as we enter the year 2022 and realize Chris Olsen and Ian Paget may have split up. Both TikTok stars posted variations of a break-up video on their profiles suggesting they were no longer a couple. Fans and followers of this TikTok couple rushed to the comments to confirm if Chris Olsen and Ian Paget actually split up.

Did Chris Olsen and Ian Paget actually split up?

Unfortunately, it does appear as if TikTok stars Chris Olsen and Ian Paget have split up after two years of being an adorable couple. Chris and Ian created and released three different videos about their decision to break up. Two of their videos were published on Chris’ profile. The third video was posted on Ian’s profile. Neither Ian or Chris have posted anything on TikTok since they announced their break-up.

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Chris Olsen, however, has responded to a few comments to confirm it wasn’t a joke. They did split up.

One of their videos featured the guys getting dolled up and ready to create their break-up video. They also used these break-up videos to let people know that even though they split up, they were still best friends.

Why did Chris Olsen and Ian Paget split up?

Chris Olsen and Ian Paget did release a video answering “why” they broke up. But, the video was more for light-hearted entertainment than to answer the question of why.

According to Otaku Kart, Ian Paget did get candid about breaking up with Chris. Ian explained the couple had been having a rough few weeks and decided breaking up was in their best interest. Ian, however, reassures Chris is his very best friend. And, he will always be there for him. The TikToker, however, made it a point to confirm they were not a couple anymore.

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Chris Olsen and Ian Paget admit they are thrilled to see what the future holds. And, they look forward to seeing what being friends without romance does for their relationship

TikTok is taking their break-up hard

Collectively, Chris and Ian have just shy of 10 million followers on TikTok. Many admit to considering them to be one of their very favorite TikTok couples. So, it isn’t too surprising that the community is taking this break up HARD. Many have rushed to the couples begging the guys to say this is some sort of New Year prank. Some have begged them to release another video saying they were just kidding.

Chris Olsen and Ian Paget also received a lot of support and love from their fans. Many noted their videos announcing their decision to split up was easily the healthiest break-up content on the internet.

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