Raquel Leviss Says She’s In Therapy, Shares What Triggered The Breakup

Raquel Leviss In Therapy, Shares What Triggered Breakup [Credit: Raquel Leviss/Instagram]

Raquel Leviss had a lot to share about her split with James Kennedy. She admitted that it was a long time coming. But because of James’s behavior, she had to play it smart. In a new interview on Scheana Shay’s “Schenanigans” podcast, she shared her exit plan.

In December 2021, Raquel and James announced their split on Instagram. The breakup took place while filming the Vanderpump Rules Season 9 reunion. Raquel was concerned about how he would react, so she had to ease her way into the split. Now, she’s focused on herself and undergoing therapy.

How she knew it was over

Raquel told Scheana there wasn’t “one thing exactly” that led to their split. Rather, it was a culmination of things. She noticed that her parents never accepted James. The model noticed that she would always make excuses for him, especially when he would get into an argument with her dad.

That’s when realize that Raquel didn’t want this to be her future. The signs were clear when their families gathered for Thanksgiving. However, Raquel kept their relationship on a positive front when they joined Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval at Disneyland. She wanted to make sure she was safe enough to leave the relationship.

Raquel Leviss, James Kennedy Split [Credit: Instagram]
[Credit: Instagram]
“I felt like I had to put on an act for that, just to make sure that I was safe,” Raquel Leviss said. “Disneyland just isn’t as fun when you aren’t in love with the person that you’re with anymore, so it wasn’t my favorite experience. I’m so happy that Ariana and Tom came.”

But it was during Thanksgiving when Raquel knew she had to get out of the relationship. She first brought it up to her mom, who was also concerned about her well-being. James’s anger issues have taken center stage in Season 9, so it’s understandable. Raquel waited until he was out of town to tell him.

Raquel Leviss is now in therapy

In 2018, the SUR-ver previously revealed on Twitter that she’s focusing on becoming an Occupational Therapist in pediatrics. Raquel has an interest in working with kids with disabilities. Two years later, she revealed that she studied kinesiology with a focus on pre-occupational therapy at Sonoma State University. Raquel still has plans to pursue her Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy.

And nowadays, she’s getting therapy for herself after the aftermath of their relationship. Raquel admitted that the two still talk occasionally to this day. They even follow each other on Instagram and “like” each other’s posts. Since James was also her best friend, it’s hard for her to break that part of their relationship.

Raquel Leviss Reunion Selfie [Credit: Raquel Leviss/Instagram]
[Credit: Raquel Leviss/Instagram]
“My goal would be to maintain a friendship with him because he was my best friend for so long and it’s really difficult to just cut that off and pretend it never happen,” Raquel Leviss said. “Because it did happen. We spent so much time with each other and he was the love of my life at one point, but more than that he was my best friend and we shared everything together. We are going to try our best to be friends.”

What are your thoughts on Raquel’s split from James? Do you think the couple will get back together? Did you see it coming? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. I like them both and think they’re probably missmatched. IMO.. James needs to watch himself objectively and decide not to be the person he can’t be proud of.

    Raquel just needs to grow and mature, stay lovely and prosper. 😉

    The trouble with being young and so attractive is, you really can’t handle it till you’re older and then there’s so little time to enjoy what’s left. 🙄👀
    Blessings to them both!

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