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‘Adults Adopting Adults’ Series Premiere PREVIEW

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Adults Adopting Adults is the latest guilty pleasure and brainchild from the folks over at A&E. Essentially, the title explains the series in a nutshell. Adults are either looking to be adopted by fellow adults OR vice versa. There are some adults out there who have no heirs. That being said, they are willing to adopt someone of age to “inherit the throne”- quite literally in one gentleman’s case. The stories and cases all vary, not everyone involved is on board and there are so many twists and turns. It should be a wild ride in this ten-part documentary. This is just a taste of what is to come starting January 31st.

Adults Adopting Adults For What Purpose?

Why would you adopt an adult, one may ask? Prince Frederic Von Anhalt has the answer. He rose to fame as actress and socialite Zsa Zsa Gabor’s ninth husband. The two were married for thirty years but never had any children. He was actually adopted at the age of thirty-six, according to The Hollywood Reporter. From there, he would use the moniker of “Prince.” Eventually, he, along with his now-late wife, started adopting adult males. In the series, Von Anhalt is seen grooming a young man to inherit his title when he goes.

Adults Adopting Adults Credit: YouTube

One family is taking in a young woman but it seems she has a record they may not know about. These are things not always disclosed when attempting to get adopted as an adult. Yet, it is unknown what the motives on both sides are. There are also members of the extended family who are vehemently against the concept of bringing in an adult in general. It is so beyond foreign to them yet not unheard of.

Musician Sia, though not a cast member of the series, is very familiar with adopting technical adults. In 2020, she shared she adopted two eighteen-year-olds the year prior, according to People. “I actually adopted two sons last year. They were both 18 — they’re both 19 years old now. They were aging out of the foster care system. Yeah, and I love them.” Though the stories might be different, it is more mainstream than people seem to realize.

Who Are Danny and Christy?

Danny and Christy are cast members this season and it was Danny who first felt the need for adult adoption. He met an eighteen-year-old who he deemed was in need of a family when she adopted a puppy from him. Unfortunately for Danny, he could not pursue the adoption route because he started to have feelings for this woman. Christy reveals it went deeper as he has been unfaithful prior to this. They have been through some stuff but she was promised he was going to be good. That did not prove to be true.

Adults Adopting Adults Credit: YouTube

Their family is very off-put by Danny’s thinking and his personal choices. Yet, they are welcoming a young lady, Illeana into their home. He sees her as a great addition to the family though Christy seems somewhat trepidatious and with good reason. Is this an adoption or is Danny looking to bring in a sister wife?

Find out all of this and so very much more when Adults Adopting Adults premieres on January 31st on A&E.

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