Janelle Brown Admits To Mental Health Struggles

Janelle Brown has never been the shy one out of the four Sister Wives. She has especially asserted herself over the past two seasons with Kody and his pandemic rules. For her, she will choose her children over a husband any day. In a plural family, you are with your kids 24/7. The husband is on a rotation so he is not as prevalent. With Kody’s over-the-top rules and mandates, he rarely comes by Janelle and Christine’s homes. In the latest episode, Janelle is finally admitting what the pandemic and familial division has done to her.

Janelle Brown- Breadwinner and Strong Woman

When Sister Wives first debuted in 2010, Janelle was a proud workaholic. She left the home when the sun came up and was back when it had set. It was not hard for her to admit she loved her six children with Kody. However, the second wife openly said she preferred to work. That was where she thrived. When the family moved to Utah so Kody could have better job opportunities, Janelle opted to stay in Wyoming.

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She had just started a really great job and was not ready to leave it. Financially, it was great for the family, as well. So, she was apart from her sister wives, and husband for about eight months. Janelle has shown she is extremely dedicated and independent so when the pandemic hit, she was faced with some tough choices. She only had three children still in her home. Savanah is her youngest and was still in high school. Gabriel was in college but had a social life and a girlfriend. She wanted him to be safe but knew he was still going to be a young man.

As for her son Garrison, he had his college paid for by the military and returned home to work so he could save up for a home. He was only being exposed to his job at that point and she chose to keep Kody away for a handful of weeks. Eventually, Kody chose to stay away as he deemed his sons unsafe and reckless. It was hard on everyone and the boys just did not understand his motives at all. Why couldn’t they all be together?

It’s A Struggle

Last week, Kody handed out the rules that must be followed in order for everyone to have a chance to gather for the 2020 holidays. Janelle had a hard time with them and he felt she was mocking them. When he came by this week to do yard work, she apologized for her reaction. However, she shared she had been doing most of the things on the list. Yet, she was not going to stop Gabriel from seeing his girlfriend. She also was not going to throw out Garrison when he is so close to having a down payment.

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The boys used to love being with their dad and called him for almost everything. Now, it’s been around eight-nine months and they consider him an antagonist. They do not even want to be around him as Kody feels the boys should be out on their own. Finally, Janelle admits her mental health has struggled with all of this back and forth. Between Kody’s strict rules and not coming around plus the boys being against their dad and all of the rage- it is just too much.

Kody feels he is making the ultimate sacrifice but Janelle is so brave for admitting she is not okay. Do you think Janelle Brown is right for choosing her kids over Kody? Should he cut her some slack for doing the best she can? Let us know in the comments and watch Sister Wives every Sunday on TLC.

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  1. Janelle is definitely doing the right thing. My children would come first no matter what. Cody has chosen who he is going to spend most of his time with. I would just leave him. Also, how come Robyn can have a house cleaner come in but Janelle can’t have her kids in. Just crazy.

    1. I’m just curious on tonight’s episode when Janelle brung Robyn’s gift did anyone notice Robin did not wipe it down before taking it into her house like kody suggested!!

    2. You are 100% correct! A nanny is ok but you want to throw your kids out, what a POS! The 3 need to leave because the only one he wants is Robin but Janelle and Mary make the money. Ugh disgusting!

    3. Evidently the house cleaner is strictly following the rules. However it seems Janelle’s two adult boys/men seem obvious to the fact that their own mother whose weight puts her in a very high category for severe Covid which could lead to her dying or being put on a ventilator with lung damage or long Covid. Kody is doing the right things to protect his family. If one or more of them get serious I’ll or dies, it blame will not be his.

  2. Why doesn’t he just leave all the wives except Robin. Everyone has to work but her and she has a nanny, the most expensive house, really?

  3. First of all its Kody maybe the head of the household he is the father of the boys. The boys are young adult they have no experience in relationship. They have no right to control their parents life. I understand their mother love their children first but they are not children anymore. They have no right to push their mother and or father. Janelle you married Kody he is your partner not enemy.
    He may take this covid situation so far but think for a minute he is looking out for all of you. Covid is not something you want to gamble with life or death or sickness. It’s horrible virus. Dont risk yourself it not worth it.

    1. kody has always showed disrespect for his wives an children.hes about himself..if meri hadn’t said ok to the divorce,what would happened..meri is my hero..she’s been hurt over n over..kodys already got another woman to bring in his corral..thumbs dowñ.

  4. I was so happy to see Janelle sticking up for herself. I really don’t understand Kody’s thought process in regards to kicking out his sons. Just because he was able to leave home with $50 doesn’t mean a parent wants the same for their children. I want better for my children. He should too. Janelle’s right. Times have changed and I would want to set up my children for success. Also, sticking to all his rules doesn’t mean he’ll actually come around. Just look at poor Meri.

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