Andy Cohen Shuts Down Drug Rumors In A Clever Way

Andy Cohen was the center of drug rumors. Bravo fans know he loves to smoke marijuana. But they thought he was on something harder on New Year’s Eve. Andy and his co-host and friend Anderson Cooper downed shots during the live broadcast on CNN.

As the hours went by, the duo was intoxicated. They got so drunk that Andy shared some choice words for former Mayor Bill de Blasio. That same night, New York City swore in their new mayor, Eric Adams. Andy was happy to never see de Blasio’s face ever again. His rant went viral on social media, leading to the drug rumors.

Bravo fans accuse him of abusing drugs

Of course, Bravo fans had to watch Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper on New Year’s Eve. It’s always a treat when the two get together. Plus, it’s rare for the CNN anchors to get drunk on national television. New Year’s Eve is the only day when they can do it without any consequences of losing their jobs. Even Don Lemon was making headlines for his drunken behavior.

The Bravo executive producer and his BFF were having fun together. Fans especially loved seeing Anderson get tipsy. However, as time went on, Andy’s comments and rants made Anderson blush, and not because they were naughty. He claimed that their show was better than Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with host Ryan Seacrest.

Andy Cohen, Anderson Cooper
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While most people enjoyed Andy and Anderson cut loose, some wondered if the Real Housewives host was doing more than just drinking. Many people on Twitter accused him of abusing drugs. Some of the viewers claimed that Andy did coke before the live broadcast. The drug rumors went wild on social media.

The drug rumors have followed Andy Cohen for years. In 2017, Kathy Griffin claimed that he offered her coke before her appearance on Watch What Happens Live. Andy denied Kathy’s claims. At the time, he claimed that Kathy’s story was “100% false and totally made up.”

Andy Cohen responds to drug rumors

He took to Twitter yet again to sound off on his behavior. This time, he used a clever play on words. Andy used the name of Lisa Vanderpump’s new show to describe his night. Like most, he wanted to end the year with a bang. The 53-year-old admitted that even he had too much to drink.

The 54-year-old CNN anchor felt the same way. During the televised event, Anderson said that he doesn’t like alcohol. As for Andy, he likes to cut loose and have a good time. But even he admitted that he had one drink too many.

Andy Cohen Instagram
Andy Cohen Instagram

“šŸŒ§ good morning! šŸŒ§. Um, I was a bit overserved last night,” Andy Cohen tweeted on Saturday morning, January 1, 2022. He concluded his message with the woozy face emoji.

Fans shared their thoughts in the comment section. Some called Andy’s behavior “embarrassing,” while others loved his rant about de Blasio. Bravo fans think it’s already the “greatest moment of 2022.” What did you think of Andy Cohen’s behavior on NYE? Sound off below in the comment section.

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