‘Unpolished’ Star Bria Martone Kicks Off 2022 With HUGE Announcement

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Unpolished star Bria Martone shared HUGE news to start off the new year. What’s coming for the TLC star in 2022? Keep reading for all the details. Plus, will the show return to TLC?

Season 2 of Unpolished featured Bria’s wedding

A reality show about a family-owned nail salon seems like a miss, but TLC struck gold with the Martone family and Unpolished. Sisters Bria and Lexi Martone run the Martone Salon in Long Island, New York, with their mother, Jennifer. Their grandmother, known as “Foxy,” also works in the salon.

The tight-knit family suffered a devastating loss between Seasons 1 and 2 of the reality show. Family patriarch, Mike Martone, passed away in May of 2020.

Season 2 documented the family’s grieving process as well as a happy occasion for daughter Bria. The television personality married long-time boyfriend Matt Mancuso in September of 2020.

The newlyweds hoped to have a child together immediately after their nuptials. Bria is a stepmother to her husband’s two kids from a previous relationship.

Credit: Bria Martone/Instagram
Credit: Bria Martone/Instagram

Bria Martone kicks off 2022 with a HUGE announcement

Bria Martone didn’t get her wedding night baby. However, she had a HUGE announcement for her social media followers on January 1, 2022.

The Unpolished star announced on Instagram that she and her husband are expecting a baby in 2022. “WE ARE HAVING A BABYGIRL!!!!!!” she wrote on an elaborate photo shoot. The photo features Bria, Matt, and his two sons standing in front of a snowglobe with pink confetti raining down.

The caption continued, “Our little princess is on her way and will be making her appearance in JULY!! We are so beyond blessed and excited to be adding a new addition to our beautiful family!!”

Bria shared that the boys are “so excited” about becoming big brothers.

Fans flooded the comment section with congratulations. Matt Mancuso’s mother, Jill, wrote “Yay! So happy for you two and so excited!! Can’t wait to be a grandma (or Mena I answer to both) to a sweet little girl!”

The TLC star didn’t reveal possible baby names for her impending daughter. Click here to see the baby announcement.

Unpolished returning for another season?

Season 2 of Unpolished saw the family struggle financially after Bria and Lexi’s father died. Additionally, the once-closer sisters began drifting apart.

The nail salon was likely hit hard amid the coronavirus pandemic, creating more drama for the Martone family.

'Unpolished' cast via YouTube
‘Unpolished’ cast via YouTube

TLC has yet to announce if Unpolished will return for Season 3. However, fans of the reality show are hoping the network will continue following the family, especially now that Bria is expecting a baby.

Congratulations to Bria Martone and Matt Mancuso on their growing family! Check back with us for updates on which shows TLC is bringing back in 2022.

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  1. it would be good to bring back unpolished. The show is at least entertaining. They are not polished people but it’s fun to see the nails being done. Can’t say much for the Bria, she is a typical long Islander trailing behind in her sisters shadow. The show would stand without her but I understand she has to stay to fill a spot in the cast. Good Luck all.

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