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Lacey Whitlow Calls Shane ‘Psycho’ As He Leaves Mental Health Facility

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Lacey Whitlow is no stranger to drama. Love After Lockup fans actually think she thrives off of the twisted love triangle she has created. However, it has ultimately become toxic in more ways than one. Moreso, it is seemingly doing more harm than good. After her estranged husband Shane left a mental health facility, Lacey filmed him erupting at her. Yet, what caused the eruption? Is Lacey concerned or causing more harm than good?

Lacey Whitlow- The Vicious Cycle and Love Triangle

Viewers first met Lacey on Love After Lockup when she was in a relationship with John Slater. They had a very long history together, spanning a decade. Unfortunately, he was in prison so as she was waiting for him, she started talking to another inmate, Shane. In the end, Shane was the winner of Lacey’s heart as he was released first. John was obviously devastated because he had put so much time and love into their relationship.

Lacey Whitlow
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This carried on into Life After Lockup where Lacey and Shane, though passionately in love, had their own ups and downs. He was just out of jail after four years, barely in his twenties whereas Lacey was this force to be reckoned with. Prior to meeting Shane, she had done adult girl cam videos, some with a future LAL co-star, Nicolle Bradley. Lacey and Shane decided to get married but shortly after tying the knot, he admitted to cheating on her. It started the cycle of her going back to John whenever she was hurt or broken.

Lacey Whitlow Credit: WEtv

It was a constant rotation which is what viewers began to expect from Lacey. Then, she and Shane underwent IVF in order to conceive their daughter, Summer. This should have made their marriage stronger but in this season of Life After, she accused him of cheating. It turned out he was just flirting with other people for the OnlyFans page Lacey forced him to create. The two had an explosive fight and she ended up back with John. As predicted the Lacey, John, Shane triangle continued but the downfall was worse than expected.

Shane Seeks Help, Lacey Lashes Out

Earlier this month, Lacey Whitlow reached out to her Instagram followers. Shane had gone missing and she was desperate for answers. Within days, he was found in Connecticut and had been admitted to a hospital where he was getting mental health treatment. Upon his release, he shared a video on his social media saying “finally got self-love together. Thanks for all the support guys.” He looked happy and in a much better place.

Shane shared he is working on his voice, putting out music, and spending time with his family. He also had the great privilege of meeting fans. However, it all seemingly came crashing down when Lacey posted a video yesterday. It was apparently of her trying to let Shane see their daughter, Summer. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned and Shane starts to exchange profanities with another male, presumably Lacey’s dad. He told Shane to get a job which Shane said he already has before he sped off.

Allegedly the police were on their way. It is unknown if Summer, 1, was in the car when this occurred. The worst part is Lacey claims she wants the best for Shane yet she labeled him a “physco” (sp) on the reel she shared. Furthermore, her caption read that round two in the psych ward didn’t work. It is unknown what precipitated the argument. Is Lacey being too hard on Shane especially after he is working on himself? Is she the one who needs to do some soul searching? Let us know in the comments below.


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