‘Sister Wives’: Evie Brush Does Most Precious Act With Her Prosthetic Leg

'Sister WIves' Evie Brush via Maddie Brown Brush/Instagram

Sister Wives star Maddie Brown Brush shared the most precious act her daughter Evie did with her prosthetic leg. Stay on this page for all the details and to see the photo.

Maddie Brown shares relatable mom moment

Maddie Brown Brush often shares snapshots of her life as a mom of two young children. She shares son Axel, 4, and daughter Evie, 2, with husband Caleb Brush.

The family lives in North Carolina, far from the dramatics of the plural family featured on Sister Wives.

Earlier this week, Janelle and Kody’s daughter shared a photo of Evie that many parents will find relatable. The snapshot features Evie, sound asleep on mom’s chest. However, Maddie notes that her daughter “wouldn’t fall asleep for ANYTHING” during nap time. Instead, the adorable toddler napped on her own terms.

Credit: Maddie Brown Brush/Instagram
Credit: Maddie Brown Brush/Instagram

Ysabel Brown shares Brush family Christmas greeting

The Brush family of four welcomed Maddie’s sister Ysabel into their home earlier this year. Ysabel is staying in North Carolina while attending college.

Season 16 of the TLC show features Ysabel undergoing back surgery in late 2020 to correct the curve of her spine. Viewers have been calling out Kody Brown for not accompanying his daughter to the serious operation, choosing to stay at home with fourth wife Robyn instead.

Ahead of the Christmas 2021 holiday, Ysabel shared a Christmas greeting on her Instagram from the Brush family. The photo features Maddie, Caleb, Axel, and Evie.

Credit: Ysabel Brown/Instagram
Credit: Ysabel Brown/Instagram

Evie Brush does precious act with prosthetic leg

Ysabel isn’t the only one in the Brown family who had surgery during the filming of Season 16. Maddie’s young daughter had her foot amputated and her hand ‘clipped’ due to a rare birth defect called FATCO syndrome.

The syndrome often results in “underdeveloped or unformed bones,” per Medicine Net. Caleb and Maddie Brush opted to have part of their daughter’s leg amputated at an early age so she could live a normal life.

Evie has thrived since the surgery. A new Instagram Stories post from Maddie shows Evie’s latest precious act regarding her prosthetic leg.

A snapshot shows two prosthetic legs of different sizes standing upright next to each other on the floor. One prosthetic belongs to Evie. However, the other is for a doll, not a person.

Maddie wrote that Evie “wanted her dolls leg put next to hers for the night.” She also tagged Janelle with thanks. Presumably, Evie’s grandma gifted her a doll with a prosthetic limb.

Credit: Maddie Brown Brush/Instagram
Credit: Maddie Brown Brush/Instagram

What do you think about Evie’s precious act with her prosthetic? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

New episodes of Season 16 of Sister Wives air Sunday nights on TLC. Subscribers of discovery+ can watch the episodes early on the streaming app.

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