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‘My 600-Lb. Life’ Lisa Fleming 2021 Update: Where Is She Now?

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My 600-Lb. Life is current airing Season 10 and with that comes reruns of older episodes such as one from Season 6 of the series named Lisa Fleming. Is there a 2021 update on Lisa Fleming from Season 6 of My 600-Lb. Life and where is she now? Unfortunately, the update on this particular cast member is a pretty grim one. While there have been plenty of My 600-Lb. Life cast members with very happy endings after participating in Dr. Now’s weight loss program… Lisa Fleming was not one of them.

My 600-Lb. Life Lisa Fleming 2021 Update: Where Is She Now?

Lisa Fleming’s episode of My 600-Lb. Life aired back in February of 2018. At the beginning of her episode, it was revealed that Lisa’s weight exceed 700 pounds. She was bedridden. When the episode was filmed, Lisa resided with her two daughters Danielle and Mica. Her five grandchildren also lived within the home. Speaking to the camera, Lisa discussed how difficult her life was being stuck in a bed.

As with may My 600-Lb. Life cast members — including ones from Season 10 — childhood trauma played a huge factor in Lisa’s overeating. Lisa recalled her mother using food both to love her and to punish her. Likewise, Lisa Fleming recalled binge eating when her parents passed away. During her episode, Lisa did not get along with Dr. Now or nutritional therapist Jennifer Doctorovich.

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Unfortunately, There Is No Happy Update

Sadly, as we previously reported, Lisa Fleming passed away shortly after her episode aired. Her episode aired in February of 2018 and she passed away in August of 2018. According to official reports, Lisa Fleming was 50-years-old at the time of her death. She passed away in the comfort of her own home.

Lisa’s daughter Danielle issued an official statement to the media at the time of her mother’s death. Unfortunately, Lisa Fleming’s official cause of death was labeled as unknown. Viewers of My 600-Lb. Life speculated her cause of death was likely related to her weight. Her daughter Danielle did shed a little light on her mother’s cause of death in her official statement.

“At the end she was sick, and her body was tired, and her body just gave out,” Danielle explained.

Sadly, Lisa is far from the only cast member of My 600-Lb. Life to pass away. As we’ve previously reported, a lot of other cast members have passed away over the years. Some of these deaths have even resulted in family members coming after Dr. Now legally.

Rest in peace, Lisa Fleming.

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  1. I watch 600lb life faithfully! That being said, I REFUSE to have sympathy for ANYONE who doesn’t care to help themselves! She NEVER tried to HELP herself. A lot of them have the idea that the surgery is going to SOLVE ALL OF THEIR EATING ISSUES! Well it doesn’t! As coming from a place @ which my weight was 550lbs. I HAD to make the decision what was more important, food or my life! I took the necessary steps of finding a therapist to get to the root of my own food addiction. I knew what the issues were, but had to come to terms with them. I did that 1st knowing that seeing a therapist would be part of my weight loss journey! Next I found an EXCELLENT Dr. to do the surgery, which I had done! My goal weight was 130lbs & over the course of 2 years I accomplished my goal, had the excess skin removal & couldn’t be more HAPPY with what I accomplished! It’s a LIFESTYLE CHANGE that YOU HAVE too be willing to do. I’ve managed this for 10 year’s now! I was lucky. Not everyone that embarks on this journey is as successful obviously! It comes down to, do you want to live or die? I chose life. You CAN’T live life from a bed. Not to mention ALL the deadly health complications that arise when your morbidly obese & the strain it puts on personal relationships & care givers. I really hope ANYONE out their struggling with their weight to get help. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!

    1. Thank you for your honest posting! My husband had the surgery and was one that did not have the success of keeping it off. The good news is he realized he had “blossomed” again and took the weight off himself. Yes, it is hard but you have to have discipline like you said. Again…congratulations and well said!

    2. Congrats on your AMAZING transformation! What an inspiring story; this internet stranger is so proud of you🤗💃💪! I struggled with an eating disorder that went both directions, from anorexia to binge eating, and while my transformation wasn’t as drastic it took ALOT of work to return to health. I’m still working on it everyday. I give these ppl that work so hard SO much credit. It’s so sad to see the ones that seem like they’ve just given up or don’t realize just how serious it is and is so frustrating to watch. I feel terrible for what her daughter and the other family members have had to go through, trying to help someone that just doesn’t seem to want help. Thank you for sharing your story and encouraging others–anyone going through this, it’s NOT too late!!

  2. I’m happy for you but not everyone who is morbidly obese has the strength and determination to do what they need to correct their situation. You sound very angry and it is hard to watch a person throw their life away when there is help. However, some people choose to eat over living because, as so many have said: ” Food makes me happy.” It doesn’t do anything to motivate these people by being judgmental and with a holier-than-thou attitude. It’s their life and their decision to make. Just be happy that you made a positive decision.

    1. I agree with Julie! And I certainly don’t think she sounded “judgmental or holier-than-thou attitude”. If anything YOU do.

    2. You are a piece of work aren’t you? Your attitude helps kill super morbidly obese slowly. You are like them and don’t hold them up to be responsible for their own actions. This person knows exactly what these people feel like and you’re getting angry because they say they don’t feel sympathy for the ones who won’t help themselves? Knock it off. I was 313lbs at my heaviest and got gastric bypass surgery losing around 130lbs myself. I never emotionally ate. I just love food a lot. I also don’t feel any sympathy for ones like her or Tammy or any of them who blame everyone and everything, but themselves for being that way. And you’re sitting here defending these people who need a dose of truth. You are an enabler.

    3. Food and being waited on, makes them happy. Being lazy and entitled makes them happy. We should NOT coddle these people. Tough love, just like with drugs and alcohol, is what is required. CPS should take their children due to neglect. They should be told they get absolutely no help until they go to inpatient rehab. That is not hate…that is refusing to help them traumatized and take advantage of other people and killing themselves.

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