Jesse Metcalfe: Body Shamed By Media, Caged By ‘Desperate Housewives’ Success

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Recently, Jesse Metcalfe opened up some eyes when he discussed some of the body image issues he faced, including criticism of his physique in the media.

Most often, these are issues that women deal with. However, many men deal with body shaming. It is just rare that they talk about it in public.

What did the Desperate Housewives star say about his rocky journey?

Being A Sex Symbol Put Desperate Housewives Star On Pedestal

Recently Jesse Metcalfe shared a bombshell interview with I-D Magazine. He revealed that going from the soap, Passions, to Desperate Housewives was quite intense. He even shared that his carnal appeal caged him.

 Being a sex symbol is very much about the roles that you play and my roles put me up on a pedestal.

However, there is a dark side to being a television hunk. “But my appearance was also criticized and picked apart by a lot of people in the media. Having your shirt off in every episode of Housewives brought a lot of pressure.”

Some of that pressure was body shaming.

Jesse Metcalfe Works Out-
Jesse Metcalfe Works Out-

Media Body-Shamed Jesse Metcalfe

Although Jesse Metcalfe worked out to look good in those Desperate Housewives shirtless scenes, he did allow some time to wind down. “You have to stay in the best shape you can and then between projects, everyone expects you to stay in that shape 24/7, 365. That’s not realistic.”

However, the paps loved to look for actors like him, when they were not in their best shape, just to body shame in the media.

Metcalfe explained “That’s why paparazzi catch actors between projects looking ‘out of shape’ — they’re taking time off and that includes the gym. You can run your body into the ground working out, not to mention the other things male actors do to stay fit.”

He specifically called out Perez Hilton, as one of those in the media who was very hard on actors. Metcalfe contends that “It might have come from his own demons or insecurities but I don’t think that excuses it.”

Jesse, Corin, Bowie-
Jesse, Corin, Bowie-

Metcalfe Experienced Dark Side Of Stardom

In this new interview, Jesse Metcalfe was very open and honest about his crazy life during his fame explosion. He experienced a lot of excesses, including drugs and alcohol. That included going out to LA nightclubs 5 times a week.

He even admitted that there is alcoholism in his family, and he called this time “pretty grotesque.”

Moreover, when he was looking for new roles, he was “caged” because he was pigeonholed into the same sorts of roles. This experience helped him “build character.”

Eventually, he was able to build up his career to where it is now. That includes romances, Christmas movies, and action movies. 

Jessica, Jesse-
Jessica, Jesse-

Jesse Metcalfe Starring In New GAC Movie With Jessica Lowndes

Don’t miss Jesse, along with Jessica Lowndes in the new movie, Harmony From The Heart. It premieres on February 12, at 8 p.m. Eastern, on GAC Family.

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