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Amy Roloff & Chris Marek Snuggle In Matching Christmas PJs

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Amy Roloff and her husband Chris Marek took to Instagram a few hours snuggled up by the Christmas tree in matching PJs. The LPBW couple oozed happiness and love for each other as they snuggled close and smiled for the camera

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek snuggle in matching PJs

It was just a few hours ago that Amy Roloff and her husband Chris Marek took to Instagram snuggled up. They were rocking a pair of festive matching PJs. Chris sported a black and red plaid shirt. He appeared to have a black undershirt on that paired well with the top. His festive reindeer and snowflake PJ bottoms matched the pattern of Amy Roloff’s Christmas nightgown.

Just the tip of Amy Roloff’s toes were visible at the bottom of her Christmas nightgown revealing she was wandering the house barefoot. Chris Marek, however, was sporting a pair of tan houseshoes that looked to have a white sherpa interior.

Chris Marek and Amy Roloff/Instagram
Chris Marek and Amy Roloff/Instagram

Chris was sitting on a chair in front of the Christmas tree. The chair was, however, off to the side in front of a bookshelf. Amy Roloff stood beside the chair snuggled up close to Chris with her head pressed up against his. Their Christmas tree was massive and colorful with tons of ornaments on it. Despite being posted so late in the day, their tree still appeared to have lots of presents under it.

Check out their gorgeous Christmas photo with matching PJs down below.

lpbw - amy roloff- chris marek instagram
Amy Roloff – Instagram

LPBW fans gave the couple a lot of love

In just four hours, the photo was liked over 42,000 times. It also received nearly 500 comments. Thanks to their following acquired through their TLC series LPBW, Amy Roloff has a massive fan base. And, they were thrilled to see the couple enjoying their first Christmas together as a married couple. Likewise, fans thought it was really sweet that they managed to get matching PJs to wear on Christmas.

Here’s some of what her fans had to say in the comments:

  • “Merry celebration of our Lord’s birthday. You two are so happy that you glow. I hope every day of your lives is filled with all the joy that our Heavenly Father can bestow upon you and those you love.”
  • “Merry 1st Christmas as Mr. & Mrs.”
  • “Adorable couple.”

For the most part, the comments were simply wishing the couple a Merry Christmas. Some, however, opted to dote on how adorable these two were together.

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