‘The Little Couple:’ Jen Arnold Updates On Rocky & Maggie

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Jen Arnold shared an update with The Little Couple fans on Rocky and Maggie recently via Instagram. Was this a good or bad update on her fur babies? Keep reading for all the details on Jen Arnold’s latest Instagram update on her fur babies.


The Little Couple: Jen Arnold updates on Rocky & Maggie

Jen Arnold took to Instagram a couple days ago to share a sweet photo of Rocky and Maggie. The two adorable little fur babies were curled up in a giant mint green dog bed together. The bed was big enough that the dogs were comfortably stretched out without sleeping right on top of each other.

Now, the purpose of the photo was so Jen could show off she had her fur babies dressed for the holidays and the season. Rocky and Maggie looked cute and cozy in this update as they born sported new sweaters. Jen even tagged the company and purchased the cute dog sweaters from.


Wait, how old are Rocky and Maggie?

In the comments, The Little Couple fans probed Jen for more information on her gorgeous fur babies. More specifically, one fan wanted to know how old Rocky and Maggie were. Jen Arnold was happy to offer updates on her fur babies in response.

Jen Arnold revealed that Rocky was 14 and Maggie was 11. Fans admit they miss seeing Jen’s fur babies on TV as much as the rest of the family. Other fans noted they were just happy to see the fur babies were still going strong. Many fans also appreciated the adorable sweaters Rocky and Maggie were wearing.

Jen Arnold - The Little Couple

A few fans, however, jestingly speculated they weren’t sure how long Jen Arnold’s dogs actually kept the sweaters on. Most, however, kept their comments simple and just gushed about how adorable Jen’s fur babies were.

The Little Couple has been off the air for a little while now. So, Jen Arnold’s Instagram posts are the only real window fans have to see what’s going on with this former TLC family. Are you relieved this wasn’t a bad update on Maggie and Rocky? Do you appreciate that Jen Arnold continued to share this kind of information with her fans despite no longer being on TV? Likewise, do you hope The Little Couple might return to TV one day? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on Jen Arnold’s family.

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