Jax Taylor & Brittany Cartwright Labeled ‘Super Spreaders’ Amid Tornado Victims Event?

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are criticized for their latest club appearance. The duo wanted to give back to the community, but they still got flak for it. The Vanderpump Rules alumni announced their appearance at Clubhouse Lexington. The fundraiser event takes place at Brittany’s native Kentucky.

According to the flyer posted on Instagram, the couple was supposed to attend an “Ugly Sweater Christmas Party.” They want to help raise money for tornado victims. Yet, the fans think the “superspreaders” should stay home. Jax and Brittany received backlash for attending an event during the recent COVID-19 surge.

Vanderpump Rules fans criticize couple for attending a charity event

Clubhouse Lexington is a huge nightclub and venue that’s located in Kentucky. It features three floors, four bars, and two stages. It’s located near the University of Kentucky, which means it attracts a wild crowd. Some fans on Reddit were curious to know why Brittany and Jax would attend the event when they’re first-time parents.

Others criticized them for taking part in an event amid the recent surge of COVID-19 cases across the country. It’s possible that Jax and Brittany were paid to attend the event. It’s not unlike reality stars and public figures to be paid to appear at nightclubs.

Last weekend, their former co-stars Tom Schwartz, Tom Sandoval, and James Kennedy appeared at a nightclub in Atlantic City. However, fans feel there’s a better way to help out the tornado victims that doesn’t involve attending a “superspreader” event.

Jax Taylor, Brittany Carwright With Son Cruz [Credit: Jax Taylor/Instagram]
[Credit: Jax Taylor/Instagram]
“There are so many ways to help the tornado victims that doesn’t include superspreader events that they probably are paid for,” one Redditor wrote.

Other fans noticed the old photos in the promo ad. The photo was taken several years ago during the couple’s Vanderpump Rules days. Fans joked that the pair no longer look like their old selves. Some wanted to know when exactly that picture was taken.

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright want to move to Kentucky

Another reason why Jax and Brittany could’ve traveled to Kentucky is that Brittany’s family lives there. It’s likely that they’re spending the holidays there. The couple has expressed an interest in moving there. In an interview with Access Hollywood, they said that they’re considering a move outside of Los Angeles.

They briefly lived in Kentucky while filming the Pump Rules spinoff series, Jax & Brittany Take Kentucky. The duo often travels there to visit Brittany’s family. However, they feel that the Midwest is the best location for their family. Earlier this year, Jax shared in an Instagram Live with fans that he wants to make Kentucky their permanent home.

jax taylor instagram live
[Credit: Jax Taylor/Instagram]
He’s also interested in opening a steakhouse there. In his interview with Access, Jax said that he’s “still not 100 percent sure” if he wants to “raise a family in California.” Both Jax and Brittany are from the midwest. So, it makes sense as to why they would move out of the West Coast.

What are your thoughts on Brittany and Jax’s charity event? Do you agree that they shouldn’t travel right now? Do you think they’ll move to Kentucky permanently? Sound off below in the comment section.

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