‘Sister Wives’ Fans Worry About Robyn’s Son Solomon

Meri Brown Instagram

Sister Wives fans tuning in to Season 16 have expressed concerns and worries for Robyn and Kody Brown’s son Solomon. Is there something wrong with him? Why are fans so concerned about him? Keep reading and we’ll share what we know regarding why fans are so concerned about Solomon Brown.

Fans suspect something “strange” is going on

A thread on Reddit popped up today with Solomon Brown being the topic of conversation. The person that started the thread questioned if anyone noticed anything strange going on with Robyn and Kody’s son as of late. The individual proceeded to make three pretty solid points as to why they had concerns. Now, the thread received over 160 upvotes and it had over 150 comments inside of 12 hours. So, it was a pretty hot topic of conversation among Sister Wives fans on Reddit today.

The OP penned at the beginning of their very lengthy post: “In the last episode, Solomon looked like he wanted to be anywhere but there. If Kody spends all his time with Robyn and their kids, why does Solomon look so uncomfortable?”

Meri Brown Instagram
Meri Brown Instagram

The individual proceeded to liken Solomon’s interactions with his father Kody to that of someone spending time with an aunt or uncle during a holiday that they did so out of obligation, not because they wanted to.

The OP concluded they felt bad for Solomon because they did not believe Robyn was a good enough parent to make up for Kody’s poor parenting skills. The individual added Solomon would be better off with Janelle or Christine. Then, the individual jested that even Meri would be a better parent than Robyn.

The OP also questioned why Solomon does not attend some form of school.

I personally don’t think keeping Solomon home from school so you can force him to go into a giant hole on your property makes much sense to me. Especially since Solomon DID NOT WANT TO! It’d be different if Solomon was obsessed with construction and begged to see the water tank installed and they allowed him to stay home one day to see it.”

Sister Wives fans speculate on Solomon Brown

Many Sister Wives fans speculate Solomon spends most of his time with his nanny and that is who he has bonded to as a parent. Some point out that Kody has described Solomon as his shiest child. Fans speculate Kody might not know how to handle a child with a shy personality. And, fans believe that theory is likely especially true for a son.

Other fans point out concerns for Solomon’s general well-being as they claim he seems to be extremely pale.

Sister Wives Kody Brown Robyn Brown Youtube
Sister Wives Kody Brown Robyn Brown Youtube

Another fan chimed in: “I don’t know if he’s just naturally pale, lean, and introverted (all of which are normal) or not thriving because he’s so sheltered. He looks like he doesn’t get much physical activity, sunlight, food, or social interaction.”

Is there something wrong with Solomon Brown? Are Robyn and Kody Brown too caught up in each other to parent him properly? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news, gossip, and fan chatter.


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  1. I don’t understand why this family needs a nanny. Robin had to have this huge home that they clearly could not afford and really didn’t need. So maybe get a smaller house and get rid of the nanny and raise your own kids. I feel like these people think they r so entitled. Get off the show and go back to living life without all the money and maybe u won’t feel so entitled. I think Janelle is the only one who’s life hasn’t hasn’t changed because of the money. She just always lives within her means.

  2. Robyn seems to be Cody’s preferred wife. If I can see it, his other 3 wives must feel it! Dysfunctional family:(

    1. By the Brown’s CHOICE to be on mainstream TV, their business is hardly private.

      The moment they stop being public is the moment we stop making their business ours.

      Good try though on your attempted mic drop indignation. 😉

  3. A nanny?
    Okay, so beyond badly wearing too much make up and curling her hair, what exactly does Robyn do with her days? Cater to Kody’s every whim?

    As for Sol’s well-being, all you have to do is look to the daughter who has serious anxiety issues. Robyn is too busy being Robyn and catering to her mobile ATM (Kody) to properly mother her kids.

    It is so hard no to dry-heave when watching Mr. Divo & Mrs. Diva Brown. The best thing that could happen to Meri and Janelle is following Christine’s lead, and get as far away from that peacock couple as fast as they can.

  4. I wonder if the nanny is the next wife since he has done everything to make meri & christine leave. I’m I the only one who remembers him saying maybe I oneday I will add a knew wife.

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