‘The Bachelor’: Did Producers Hide Evidence Of Colton’s Sexuality?

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Colton Underwood has a shocking allegation about The Bachelor franchise. Did the producers know that he was gay and hide evidence? Keep reading to find out what the alum says.

Coming Out Colton faces backlash

Colton Underwood’s much-anticipated Netflix series Coming Out Colton dropped on the streaming service on December 3, 2021. Since that time, the former Bachelor star has received his share of praise… and criticism.

Some fans of the dating competition cannot get over his treatment of ex-girlfriend, Cassie Randolph. A few months after the end of their relationship, she filed a restraining order against her ex, alleging that he stalked her. A little over six months later, Colton Underwood made the shocking public confession that he’s gay.

Skeptics accuse Colton of using the Netflix show to get back in the public’s good graces. Another criticism lobbed at the former NFL player is having “white privilege” when coming out.

Underwood acknowledged the criticism during an appearance on theĀ Call Her Daddy podcast. “I know that people are upset that I have white privilege and I got a series after coming out,” he said.

Furthermore, he knows his coming out experience isn’t like anyone else’s. According to Us Weekly, the television personality “never wanted to compare” trauma.

“I couldn’t imagine what it’s like to be someone from an underprivileged area to have to come out, and not only risk losing their football [career] but risk losing a house and food and money,” – Colton Underwood, Call Her Daddy podcast

Criticism from his Netflix series wasn’t the only hot topic on the podcast. He made a shocking allegation about the producers of The Bachelor.

Did The Bachelor producers hide Colton’s sexuality?

Colton Underwood was looking for love as the lead of ABC’s Season 23 of The Bachelor. He previously appeared on Bachelor in Paradise and Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette. It was there that viewers – and producers – learned that Underwood was a virgin.

Colton Underwood/YouTube
Colton Underwood/YouTube

During his season as the lead, the show heavily focused on his virginity. While he had never been intimate with a woman, he has since confessed to hook-ups with men before he was on the reality show. In fact, he used to be active on Grindr before joining The Bachelorette.

Colton told podcast host Alexandra Cooper that he heard a rumor that one of the producers on The Bachelor found out about those secret hook-ups. Instead of outing him, Underwood alleges that the information was hidden.

However, he was never able to confirm the rumor.

In another bombshell revelation, Colton Underwood admits attraction to some of the producers on the show. Ultimately, he didn’t act on those desires because “I was so good at compartmentalizing my life,” he said.

Is Bachelor Nation ready for an LGBTQ Lead?

When Colton Underwood came out in April of 2021, fans immediately speculated that he might headline the first LGBTQ edition of The Bachelor.

However, Colton Underwood already found love after coming out, though there is speculation about his relationship status.

While promoting his Coming Out Colton special last month, the Bachelor Nation alum shared his thoughts about an LGBTQ cast with Entertainment Tonight.

According to Colton, he believes the viewers are ready for a gay Bachelor or Bachelorette, but not a bisexual one. In his opinion, the viewers have a “hard time understanding bisexual people.” He cites Bachelor in Paradise contestant Demi Burnett, who was part of the first LGBTQ romance on the beachy guilty pleasure spin-off.

However, Colton is hopeful for a gay Bachelor soon.

“I think it would work. I do think if people gave it a shot, the show could work.” – Colton Underwood, Entertainment Tonight.

Do you think the rumor Colton Underwood heard about The Bachelor producers hiding his sexuality might be true? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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