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Lala Kent Makes SHOCKING Discovery, Randall’s Latest Lie

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It just keeps getting worse for Lala Kent in terms of her former engagement to Randall Emmett. The couple ended their relationship at the end of October due to his alleged infidelity. Now, Kent is revealing Emmett was a liar in more ways than one.

Lala Kent and Randall Emmett- The Way They Were

They were a very happy couple when they first started dating in 2016. He was still technically married to Ambyr Childers. At the same time, Lala was a rising reality star on Bravo’s hit series Vanderpump Rules. She was also launching her film career with the help of Randall, a producer. He also helped her feel very secure, safe, and loved, something she shared in her book Give Them Lala. It was a love she had never experienced before.

Randall Emmett Allegedly Cheated On Lala While She Was Pregnant [Credit: Randall Emmett/Instagram]
[Credit: Randall Emmett/Instagram]
During much of Season 5, she hid her relationship with Emmett, denying he was married and consistently being called names. By Season 7, they were very public with their romance with her announcing their engagement at the reunion that year. He would go on to appear in Season 8 and become friends with the cast but their wedding was put on hold due to the pandemic. Instead, Lala got pregnant and welcomed their first baby (Randall’s third) Ocean at the beginning of 2021.

Lala Kent Credit: Lala Kent IG
Credit: Lala Kent IG

Season 9 started to film and Randall was an integral part. However, as the series started to air, rumors flew about the status of the duo. He was rumored to have cheated on her with two girls in Nashville as she wiped her Instagram clean of all his photos. She has done this before but she also filmed herself moving out of their home. Soon, it was confirmed they were over and texts were leaked between Randall and another woman. Now, Lala Kent is sharing more hurtful lies her ex fed her.

The Latest Lie

Lala Kent is not hurting for money at all. Yet, she was over the moon excited when Randall gave her an excessive diamond engagement ring. At least she thought it was excessive. Page Six reports Kent learned, shortly after the breakup, that the ring was less than what Lala had initially believed it to be. As she shared on her newly rebranded Give Them Lala podcast, she overheard her ex talking about a diamond method rappers used. He was telling her mom, Lisa “how some rappers take s–tty diamonds and make them pretty.”

Lala Kent/YouTube
Lala Kent/YouTube

After they split, she found a respected jeweler, and the GIA certification was found which said her 6-carat diamond had been “treated by one or more processes to change its color.” She was then told the diamond was most likely originally a shade of brown before being treated. To add to that, the price tag was also said to be in the teens as opposed to the 150k one OG designer Richie Rich initially claimed it to be worth. To be clear, it was not the price tag but the lie.

[Credit: Randall Emmett/Instagram]
[Credit: Randall Emmett/Instagram]
“I love any type of ring that is given and has sentimental value. I don’t care if it was $100, I don’t care if it was $100 million — I don’t,” Kent shared with her listeners. She added she has no intention of keeping the ring or anything from Emmett as she deems it bad luck. This did give her a chuckle because she sees the whole relationship as a lie so this is just the cherry on top. The only thing pure and genuine is their baby girl.

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