Jenelle Evans Visits Neurosurgeon, Fears Being Handicapped

Jenelle Evans Visits Neurosurgeon, Fears Being Handicapped [Screenshot | YouTube]

Jenelle Evans recently had an appointment with her neurosurgeon. However, the Teen Mom 2 alum didn’t think it would be filled with controversy. She received backlash after she gave her latest update. Jenelle often informs her fans about her health on social media.

She does not shy away from her health issues. The reality star took to TikTok to talk about her fears about becoming handicapped. She was diagnosed with the medical condition, Syringomyelia. Per Mayo Clinic, she developed a fluid-filled cyst (syrinx) in her spinal cord, which causes headaches, muscle weakness, and pain. Jenelle wonders if it will hamper her mobility.

Jenelle Evans shares a neurosurgeon update

The MTV star took to TikTok to post a new video titled “Checkup with my neurosurgeon.” She chose the song “High Enough” by K. Flay for the background music. The song features the lyrics, “I don’t need drugs, because I’m already high enough.” In the video, Jenelle puts her hands into fists and pretends to scream.

“When you already have a growing cyst in your spine… and the doctor says, ‘Can’t help you. When you become paralyzed go to the E.R,'” Jenelle Evans wrote in the video.

In the comment section, the 29-year-old interacted with fans about their own health struggles. She asked them if they or someone they know has a syrinx. She admitted that her “anxiety” has been through the roof since finding this out. One fan assured Jenelle that she shouldn’t have to worry about becoming paralyzed.

Jenelle Evans [Credit: David Eason/Instagram]
[Credit: David Eason/Instagram]
It still didn’t help her concerns. Jenelle explained that her “cyst keeps growing” and her neurosurgeon found a “hemangiomatas [sic] on my vertebrae.” It started growing over the past few months, which exacerbated her anxiety.

Jenelle was referring to spinal hemangiomas, which are both asymptomatic and benign. This means they cannot cause one to go handicapped. Some of her fans empathized with her. One user said Jenelle’s doctor gave her the “scariest” news.

Teen Mom fans think she’s “faking” for attention

Jenelle agreed with the fans who felt bad for her. She admitted that she’s waiting for the day when she can’t drive anymore. She doesn’t want to end up “handicapped in my house.” She’s “terrified” of the idea.

Despite the support from her fans, others don’t believe her. Teen Mom fans on Reddit had different opinions. Some of them think she’s “faking it” for sympathy. Some even share their own story, in which they ended up with a mild case.

  • “I have the same thing on my spine, you’ll be aight. No dr has prepared me to be paralyzed from”
  • “We all know jenelle is faking this s***. She isn’t making anyone but herself look bad.”
  • “She is totally and completely ridiculous and is seriously the most desperate for attention drama queen.”
  • “She’s going to end up on IllnessFakers [Reddit]. I feel like chronic pain/illness is becoming such a fad for fake internet points. Gonna end up over 400lbs over weight [sic] blaming it on steroids.”

Other fans found Jenelle’s comments insensitive towards the disability community. Some suggested that they use a wheelchair to get around and it’s not so bad. Others argued that she could get a wheelchair ramp in her two-story home if it were to happen. Still, fans don’t believe her.

Jenelle Evans Fears Becoming Handicapped [Screenshot | TikTok]
[Screenshot | TikTok]
Jenelle first opened up about her health struggles in March 2021. She shared a YouTube video called “My Neck, My Back” where she confirmed that she was diagnosed Syringomyelia. Jenelle experiences headaches, neck pain, and tremors. She said it was the “worst thing ever” when she first got the results.

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