‘RHOSLC’: Jen Shah Details Traumatic Arrest

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In a new episode of RHOSLC, embattled star Jen Shah details her traumatic arrest for the first time. Keep reading for all the details.

RHOSLC star continues to insist she’s innocent of fraud charges

Bravo cameras were filming when RHOSLC star Jen Shah found herself in legal trouble. Earlier this year, she was arrested on charges of wire fraud. She allegedly bilked elderly people out of their savings via a telemarketing scam. At the time, Shah pleaded innocent, and she continues to profess that she “didn’t do anything.”

Jen Shah via YouTube
Jen Shah via YouTube

Despite the investigators likely watching the Bravo show closely for evidence, Jen Shah continues to appear on Season 2, even after her arrest. In the latest episode, she professes her innocence to both her husband, Sharrieff Shah and friend/co-star Heather Gay.

When Jen was allegedly tipped off to her impending arrest, the phone call came from her husband Sharrieff’s number. However, she told Gay that it wasn’t her husband on the phone.

Jen Shah details traumatic arrest

In March 2021, Bravo cameras were rolling when the RHOSLC stars gathered on a party bus for a trip to Vail, Colorado. However, before the bus could depart, Jen Shah got the above-mentioned phone call. She told her co-stars that her husband was in the hospital with internal bleeding and had to leave.

Shortly after her departure, multiple police agents, including Homeland Security and the NYPD, descended on the bus. They were looking for Jen Shah, though they didn’t reveal at the time the intention to arrest her. Rather, they said they wanted to talk to her.

Bravo cameras were there to document her co-stars’ reaction to the police presence. Meanwhile, Jen Shah was arrested elsewhere without incident.

For the first time, she revealed details about her traumatic arrest. On the episode airing Sunday, December 12th, Shah recounted the experience to Heather Gay over lunch.

According to Jen Shah, a white minivan and a black SUV intercepted her at some point after she left the party bus. She told Heather Gay that she initially thought she was being “kidnapped.”

The reality star broke down when revealing that she was handcuffed to a chair once in police custody. However, the most traumatic part of her arrest seemed to be what her children went through.

Why she feared for her kids’ safety

During the episode of RHOSLC, Jen Shah tried to get in touch with each of her co-stars. However, Heather Gay was the only one who responded and agreed to lunch.

Shah got emotional when she spoke about what her two children, Sharrieff Jr, 27, and Omar, 15, went through after her arrest. As viewers saw on the security camera footage, the children and other family members were escorted from the home so the police could enact a search warrant.

According to Jen Shah, her two sons were “held at gunpoint” during the incident. Furthermore, she claims they were handcuffed.

Per People magazine, Shah broke down at the thought of what her children went through. She said to Heather Gay, “It makes me sick because what if they would’ve thought that, like, [they] moved the wrong way or did something and they could’ve shot [them].”

During a November appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Heather Gay said that the security camera footage of Jen Shah’s kids being escorted from the home at gunpoint was “horrible” and “really upsetting.” You can watch that clip below:

Does it surprise you that Jen Shah detailed her traumatic arrest on camera? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Sundays on Bravo.

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