Baby Daddy Chris Lopez Dragged After Attacking Kailyn Lowry

Teen Mom fans criticized Chris Lopez after he threw shade at Kailyn Lowry. He shared that the reality star brought their kids to visit him in their “dirty shoes.” The couple has been at war ever since Chris welcomed a newborn son with an undisclosed partner. The baby daddy continues to spread his seed with other women.

Yet, he finds the time to shade his ex. Chris and Kailyn’s co-parenting relationship is already tense. Chris makes it a point that he’s not crazy about his ex. He often takes to social media to take several jabs at her.

Attacks Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry

It would seem like Chris is a busy father these days. Despite his new baby, he’s still on social media throwing shade at Kailyn. Earlier this week, he took several digs at her on Twitter. He accused Kailyn of making their kids wear “dirty shoes.”

“Bruh, if I sent my kids with shoes that were two sizes too small, no shoes, and shoes dirty as f*** I’d be on every blog page within 15 minutes,” Chris Lopez tweeted.

People didn’t find his tweet funny. Most Teen Mom fans took to the comment section to fire back at Kailyn’s ex. Most of them swiped at him with a few digs of their own. It’s mostly mothers who normally get criticized for how they take care of their children, never the fathers.

  • “Maybe but your kids their own shoes for your time with them. Just a thought.”
  • “She shouldn’t have to send anything. Have your own s*** for them.”
  • “He thought it was doing something with this post. Buy YOUR children shoes and clothing too!”
  • “You should have stuff for your children when they are under your care as well.”

Chris has attempted to shade Kailyn on social media before. Fans argue that his kids are also his responsibility. He has the freedom to buy them new clothes if he feels so. Chris and Kailyn share two children, Lux, 4, and Creed, 1.

Kailyn Lowry, Chris Lopez [Credit: Instagram]
[Credit: Instagram]

Kailyn’s explosive feud with Chris Lopez

Their co-parenting relationship has been strained for the past few months. Kailyn previously admitted that Chris Lopez slept with her enemy Briana DeJesus. The two were spotted together in Miami. Kailyn claims the two hooked up after Chris sided with Briana in her own legal battle.

Meanwhile, Chris continues to make headlines of his own. Earlier this month, Chris revealed that his partner gave birth to his third child. He shared that he “loves” being a dad even though he’s one already. Chris also threw shade at his other two children.

Credit: YouTube/MTV
Credit: YouTube/MTV

“I love being a dad, I promise you. I experience more with the third one than I have with the others,” Chris Lopez said on the P.T.S.D Podcast. “It feels crazy, it feels good. I got to be a part of it more than I ever have.”

Chris exclaimed that he loves children and has always gotten along with them. He also slammed Kailyn for sharing his baby news so soon. The Teen Mom alum claims that she was trying to “destroy” his happiness. Chris says he wants to remain “as peaceful as possible,” but that didn’t last for long.

What are your thoughts on Chris Lopez’s comments about Kailyn Lowry? Do you agree with the Teen Mom fans that he should buy his kids new clothes? Sound off below in the comments. Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Chris Lopez.

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  1. Anything for a paycheck eh Chris? You didn’t even want to film until you realized how lucrative it could be. Get your own claim to fame

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