‘The Witcher’: New Clip Of Cirilla Released

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The latest The Witcher season is set to release on Friday, December 17, 2021. All reports suggest a much more linear approach to storytelling. Many viewers found the first season’s attempt to jump around in the timeline daunting. However, there will be no lack of intrigue as our unfortunate princess and child of surprise, Ciri, makes it to The Witcher’s home. Season 2 promises the prominence of elves, magic, and silver swords. While we are sure to find all the monster-slaying goodness we have come to expect from the series, we expect a more human side of The Witcher himself.

Ciri, child of surprise

According to the Witcher Games Wiki, the Law of Surprise is:

“a custom as old as humanity itself, is the price a man who saves another can demand. It is a request for something which neither the saviour nor the saved knows the nature of, until the saved man returns home. Typically this ends up being a child born while the father was away and more often than not, a boy — though there were at least two girls, Pavetta and Ciri.”

When Geralt asked this for his reward for helping Duny, Ciri became his ward. It is notable that in the book series lore that Geralt himself is a Child of Surprise. In Season 2, Ciri makes it to the witcher stronghold of Kaer Morhen. In the clip below we can see Ciri trying to cross the pendulum used for training young prospective Witchers. Like many other father figures, when faced with the unknown task of raising a girl, they ignore that fact and raise them as they would a son. Princess Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon is sure to become a witcher girl.

The witchers of Kaer Morhen

Season 2 of The Witcher will introduce viewers to the likes of Eskel, Lambert, and other fan favorites. While the home of the witchers is not unwelcoming to visitors, simply training there does not make someone a witcher. Witchers undergo a series of mutations after they have completed a battery of challenges known as the Trial of Grasses. Though it is known that there are other schools for witchers in the land, Kaer Morhen is the School of the Wolf. Magic takes many forms in Sapkowski’s universe. Sometimes it can be beautiful and elegant. Other times, it is dark and brutal. Exploring the realm of prophecy, and monster hunting with a doom-filled foreboding aura is something The Witcher has already done well. It is not likely to pump the brakes any time soon.

The Witcher, Netflix

Where is everyone else?

So far, the adaptations made for the Netflix series have been largely faithful. Because of the scattered timeline of the first season, some fans had a hard time following exactly what was happening. Now that we are back to linear time, finding out what happens to Jaskier, Yennefer, and the fate of those at Sodden is just a matter of time. So, Be sure to sit down for a binge on December 17th.

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