LIfetime’s ‘Maps And Mistletoe’ Stars Ronnie Rowe, Humberly González

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It’s A Wonderful Lifetime is premiering a holiday story about a North Pole novelty treasure map.

Maps And Mistletoe stars Humberly González (Ginny & Georgia, Drive), Ronnie Rowe (Jingle Bell Bride, Star Trek: Discovery), Eva Avila (The Bold Type, Swap), Allison Busner (Impulse, Extraction Day), Maggie Cassella (Elinor Wonders Why, Maggie Mysteries), and Justine Christensen (Murdoch Mysteries, A Private Education).

Do you know what sorts of novelties are on the North Pole? Time to find out!

What Is Lifetime’s Maps And Mistletoe About?

According to The Futon Critic, Emilia Martin(González) is a cartographer. Her specialty is school maps. Although she has plans for a cozy Christmas at home, it seems that her work is preventing that from happening.

Unfortunately, her boss has a last-minute project for her. Her boss wants her to design a novelty treasure map of the North Pole.

This is a challenge. However, Emilia has an idea. She decides to seek out the expertise of North Pole explorer Drew Campbell (Rowe).

The explorer isn’t terribly thrilled with spending his time on this project. However, he reluctantly agrees to help her. As the two work closely, they make some personal discoveries.

Turns out, they are not what the other ever expected.

When Can You Watch Maps And Mistletoe?

Lifetime’s Maps And Mistletoe premieres on Monday, December 13, at 8 p.m. Eastern. In addition, after it premieres live, you can stream the movie through the website.

Lifetime Maps And Mistletoe-
Lifetime Maps And Mistletoe-

Lifetime’s Humberly González Proud To Portray Latinx Woman

Humberly González is very proud to be portraying a Latinx woman in this new Lifetime Christmas movie. She went to Instagram to share her journey from a new actress to starring in this brand new It’s A Wonderful Lifetime movie. For her, representation matters.

“TOMORROW you get to meet Emilia Maria Martin 🇻🇪🎬🎄”

“It is such an honor to represent Venezuela in this project. I seldom saw Latinx women in leading roles when I watched movies or television, and when I did see Latinx performers they often catered to a stereotype I had no interest in adding to when I entered this industry. Things are evolving but it’s just the start, we need more.”

“I wanted to be given the opportunity to play because of my craft, because what I had to say carried weight and importance to audiences far and wide, even when you’re an immigrant Latina with English as a second language.”

“When I look back to the beginning of my career I am so proud of the way I conquered fear and insecurities, and above all how I didn’t let anyone else’s opinion interfere.”

“I will ALWAYS bring my full self to the table and it warms my heart that others feel inspired by that.
All I want to say to that little girl with a big dream is: It’s possible and you did it 🌟 ‘Maps and Mistletoe’ Monday, December 13 at 8 pm on @lifetimetv and @city_tv.”

Don’t forget to watch the premiere of Lifetime’s Maps And Mistletoe. This Christmas movie premieres on Monday, December 13, at 8 p.m. Eastern. Afterward, it is available online to stream via the Lifetime website.

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