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Tammy Slaton Warns Amy To Stay The F**k Out Of Her Business

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Another season of 1000-LB Sisters is underway and there has already been plenty of drama to go around. Part of that is because Tammy Slaton has found herself in another relationship and her family is worried. However, it seems Amy is getting yelled at by her sister because of it.

Tammy Slaton screams at Amy

Tammy and Amy seem to be having quite a few differences in the new season of 1,000-LB Sisters. In the past, the sisters have fought a bit but the show is generally light-hearted and funny. Things seem to have shifted though.

With Tammy still not losing weight and getting a new boyfriend, tension is high in the Slaton family. Now, Tammy is taking it out on her sister The Sun reports.

This all stems from her new boyfriend, Philip. Tammy just got out of a relationship with someone who had no interest in helping her lose weight. Now her family is worried she is in that situation again with ‘BBW’ King – or the Big Beautiful Women King.

Amy has heard that he has a “fetish for big women.” Because of this, she is very concerned about her sister and his intentions with her.

Amy continues talking about how Tammy needs to be focusing on herself.  “Tammy should be 100 percent focused on herself.

Amy has a great point. As long as Tammy isn’t trying to lose weight, she creeps closer and closer to death. She should probably be focusing on that instead of dating.

“Worry about the relationship when you’re healthy,” Amy says. “You can’t be in a relationship if you’re six feet under.”

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Is she Tammy’s mom?

Depends on who you ask. Amy is a mom to a baby, but she thinks Tammy does force her to act like a mom to her as well. Meanwhile, Tammy claims she wants Amy to butt out of her business. Especially when it comes to her current relationship.

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“I can’t be your mom,” Amy tells her sister.

Tammy responds saying that Amy isn’t her mother.

“You have no freaking opinion in what I do in my life. I’m a f**king grown girl. You isn’t my mother.”

Amy stressed that she is worried about Tammy losing weight with someone like Philip around. Especially because she knows how badly the relationship with Jerry went. Tammy does not respond very well to this.

“Stay the f**k out of my business,” Tammy yells at her sister.

“I’m f**king grown!” she continues.

Sounds like things aren’t going very well for the Slaton sisters right now!

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  1. I find fault with both these women. Amy keeps refrencing “when we were obese” or “when I was obese” Amy…you are still obese!! Stop acting holier than thou and give your sister the help she needs or go away. I know you are always there to help her but you dont do her any favors by cooking and going to the store..let her move around a little bit and for God’s sake stop acting as though you have lost all the weight you need to lose because you haven’t! I love watching you guys and I am very happy you have a husband and a child but please stop condemning your sister for doing the same thing you are doing just on a bit larger level

  2. Amy let Tammy be more independent. It is not your job to run around after her, she is far more capable that you think she is playing you.
    She can get her own shopping you can go with but make her come too and phone for own meds, she is totally lazy. It’s her fault she is big, she has only herself to blame.
    Amy you have a family they are your priority not her. For gods sake you take her every where and thiss includes Chris too.
    You and Chris are stars so let her do more, you never have to feel guilty about her so talk to her about everything but not her weight just concentrate on your own.
    Cleaning Amy do it daily after a meal get straight up and wash up, dust daily and mop the floor- it will take you half an hour between you both daily. Instead of always sitting around, you should be taking Gage out for a walk each day get those legs moving. Sorry if it sounds like we are picking on you but we are not, we have all been there. Take care all of you and keep you distance from Tammy.

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