Amy Halterman Reveals Generational Family Illness

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Amy Halterman made a pretty big reveal during tonight’s episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters regarding a generational family illness that plagues her family true. What illness is she talking about? Does she also have this illness? Keep reading for all the details.

Warning: Spoilers from tonight’s episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters. 

Amy Halterman admits family illness

Things get real for Amy Halterman during tonight’s episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters. She comes to deal with the fact that she has a massive hoarding problem. She explains it is a mental illness that has plagued her family tree for generations. She, however, decides to grab the bull by the horns because she wants things to be better and different for her son Gage.

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Amy makes the difficult decision to open her house to a couple of home organizers. She, however, does struggle with this decision when she finds a dead mouse in her pantry. Amy Halterman tells her husband she isn’t sure she wants them to stay as they learn of her roaches and mice. The home organizers, however, reassure Amy they are not there to judge her. They just want to help her deal with her organizational issues.

Amy Halterman admits that her mother worked several jobs. Her grandmother kept the house clean. When her grandmother died, the house because filthy. Amy explains that she was never really taught the proper way to keep house. And it is evident in how she’s living her life now. But, she hopes to deal with her mental issue so she can do better for her son. She does not want to pass her hoarding issue to him.

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Is hoarding a mental illness?

According to Mayo Clinic (and the TV show called Hoarders), hoarding is a mental issue. Individuals who suffer from this mental disorder struggle with throwing things away. As Amy Halterman demonstrates during tonight’s episode, people with this condition try to hold on to things even when they have no real use for them. One of the biggest issues for people suffering from this mental disorder is they don’t even realize they have it. When it comes to Amy Halterman, simply accepting the fact that she has a hoarding issue is the first step in resolving it.

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According to Psychiatry.orghoarding is a mental illness that runs in families. So, Amy Halterman isn’t wrong to call it a generational family issue. Medical experts believe genetics play a role. But, the real cause for some people being hoarders and other people not being hoarders is unknown. Medical experts speculate hoarding is a generational family issue because people who grow up in a hoarding environment become comfortable with this lifestyle. Amy Halterman was taught at a young age this way of living was acceptable.

Did you know hoarding was a mental illness? Did you know it also tends to be passed down through family trees? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Amy Halterman and her family.

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Catch tonight’s episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 3 titled “Heavy Hoarders” tonight only on TLC. The episode is available for early streaming via Discovery+. Older episodes and the first two seasons are also available in the Discovery+ streaming library.

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  1. Amy wish you would go back to the diet plan. You did great and got pregnant and have a beautiful son now, and didn’t gain too much weight. Now your going backwards and going weight . Your son will be crawling and walking and get into every thing! If you’re so big what are you teaching him? Please go back to the plan stay away from those sugar drinks and too many carbs. Quit enabling Tammy, she can do things for herself but the family has enabled her whole life! I love you all but please wake up before it’s too late.God bless you all.

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