Farrah Abraham Dragged For Latest Parenting Decision

Farrah Abraham Slammed For Latest Parenting Decision [Screenshot | YouTube]

Once again, Teen Mom alum Farrah Abraham was criticized for her latest parenting decision. Fans think she took it too far this time. They were shocked to learn that Farrah allowed her 12-year-old daughter, Sophia, to dye her hair bright purple. Farrah already gets criticized for how she parents her daughter on daily basis.

Critics think she treats her daughter like a friend rather than her own child. Sophia took to Instagram to show off her hair transformation. Like most tweens, she wanted to do something drastic with her hair.

It’s normal for most young girls to want to dye their hair a different color. However, most of them don’t have parents who would allow them to do it.

Teen Mom slammed for allowing Sophia Abraham to dye her hair

On Friday, December 3, Sophia made an appearance on the @glamformation TikTok account. Sophia and Farrah have been blowing up the social media app lately for all the wrong reasons. Now, Teen Mom OG fans are fuming over Sophia’s newly dyed purple hair. In the TikTok video, Sophia wore a black robe and her hair originally had red streaks.

After dancing around, the preteen showed off her new purple hair and matching Gothic wardrobe. She completed her look with a black Hello Kitty T-shirt and matching skirt. Farrah underwent a hair transformation as well. She appeared in the short video with a towel over her head.

[Credit: Farrah Abraham/TikTok]
[Credit: Farrah Abraham/TikTok]
In a separate video, she unveiled her new blonde highlights and bangs. Hairstylist Aitous (Nick) Rasouli is the man behind their transformations. He claims that Sophia was “inspired by the Royals.” However, the British Royal Family wouldn’t allow their kids to dye their hair an unconventional color.

Everyone knows they have strict protocols. The TikTok video featured the song “Meet Me At Our Spot” by The Anxiety. Sophia shared the same video via her Instagram account. Fans already think she’s too young to be on social media.

Farrah Abraham Slammed For Latest Parenting Fail [Screenshot | TikTok]
[Screenshot | TikTok]

Farrah Abraham’s latest #parentingfail

Fans flocked to the Instagram post to share their thoughts on Sophia’s new look. Most of the comments were divided. While others praised Farrah for embracing her daughter’s individuality, others slammed her for allowing her daughter to make such a drastic change. One user claimed that Sophia is “growing up way too fast.”

  • “Poor kid is going to need so much therapy.”
  • “As long as she doesn’t end up like her mother.”
  • Love the hair… but Sophia… don’t grow up so fast❤️.”
  • “God she’s growing up so fast.”

Even Farrah Abraham took to Sophia’s post to write, “Growing up like woah. 💜 🤯” Of course, this is not the first time the former MTV star has been slammed for her parenting skills. Fans previously claimed that Farrah is sexualizing her daughter with their constant twerking videos. Others accused her of “exploiting” her kid for fame.

Sophia Abraham's Purple Hair [Screenshot | TikTok]
[Screenshot | TikTok]
What are your thoughts on Sophia’s new look? Do you think she’s too young to dye her hair? Do you agree that Farrah is a bad mom? Sound off below in the comments.

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