‘Sister Wives’ Fans BLAST Kody Brown’s ‘Garbage Parenting’

Sister Wives Kody Brown Youtube

Sister Wives fans are furious with Kody Brown’s “garbage parenting” following the drop of the latest preview for this week’s new episode. Toward the end of last week’s episode, Christine Brown dropped a bombshell on the family during the BBQ.

It wasn’t a bad bombshell though. She revealed that a date had finally been set for Ysabel’s surgery. Christine reminded everyone that Ysabel has needed this surgery for a while now and she’s been in a tremendous amount of time. So, pandemic or no pandemic — it was time to get it done.

Kody Brown refuses to travel with Christine and Ysabel

Talking to his wife Christine and his daughter Ysabel, Kody Brown explains the pandemic puts him in an incredibly difficult situation. He insists that he wants to be there for his daughter. He wants to go with her and support her during her surgery.

Christine and Kody Brown via YouTube
Christine and Kody Brown via YouTube

In the preview, he acknowledges that he’s well aware of the healing power the support of a parent can have after surgery. But, the pandemic puts him in a difficult situation. Kody Brown insists that he’s forced to think about the big picture and the entire family. Traveling with Ysabel and Christine for the surgery would put the entire family without him for several weeks as he would have to quarantine after he returned.

Ysabel Brown becomes emotional

The preview shows Ysabel keeping it together as she speaks with her father. Kody asks if she understands and will forgive him for not coming with her for the surgery. Ysabel holds it together insisting she understands and she’s a big girl now. But, it becomes clear that she’s just putting up a strong front for her father.

Credit: Ysabel Brown via Twitter
Credit: Ysabel Brown via Twitter

During her confessional, fans see a completely different side of Ysabel. She breaks down into tears as she admits she needs her father. She notes she has no idea why he won’t drop everything and be there for her. Sister Wives fans admit it was heartbreaking to watch this clip in the preview.

Sister Wives fans blast Kody Brown’s garbage parenting

On RedditSister Wives fans held no punches back as they pummeled Kody Brown for his “garbage parenting.” Fans explain the reason they are so furious is that it felt like he manipulated the conversation so Ysabel said she understood he wasn’t coming with her to the surgery.

One fan exclaimed: “He KNOWS he is failing her as a parent, you can see it deep down. But rather than taking a moment to sincerely express his sorrow and concern and love for her at the very LEAST, instead makes a lame, inappropriate, cowardly ‘joke’: ‘are you going to become a bitter old housewife?'”

Sister Wives Kody Brown Youtube
Sister Wives Kody Brown Youtube

Here are what other Sister Wives fans had to say about Kody’s garbage parenting:

  • “He blames everyone else’s disappointments towards him on them instead of taking accountability for his blinding mistakes. He is just so gross.”
  • “Kody is a garbage human. I enjoy the fact that he is getting roasted for his actions. He has shown before that negative comments bother him. He might not be ready for the tidal wave this clip is bringing.”
  • “He absolutely knows this is a make or break moment that will change the way Ysabel sees him as a man and a father but he’s so incapable of putting anyone ahead of his own needs that he would rather irreparably damage the relationship.”

Do you agree with frustrated Sister Wives fans? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Kody Brown and his family.

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