‘Long Island Medium‘ Theresa Caputo Pops Off At Critical Troll

Theresa Caputo

Long Island Medium star Theresa Caputo is not here for trolls. She popped off on one particular troll on social media. One critic claimed they “don’t like her hair” in a new video she posted on Instagram. This comes after Theresa was accused of upstaging her pregnant daughter Victoria at her baby shower.

TV Shows Ace previously reported that she’s been mourning the loss of a crew member, Doug. Theresa has already had a holiday season filled with ups and downs. She enjoyed the long Thanksgiving weekend with her family. They had dinner on Thanksgiving Day and then they got right to decorating for Christmas.

Now, she’s mourning the loss of a Long Island Medium crew member who passed away.

Theresa Caputo fights back against haters

The TLC star announced her new podcast titled “Hey Spirit!” She took to Instagram to give fans a sneak peek at what to expect. In the video, her signature platinum blonde hair was higher than ever before. Theresa also wore long white nails and an all-black look that she normally rocks.

At the end of the video, the reality star clapped back at her haters. She’s known to tousle her platinum blonde hair to the high heavens. It’s no secret since Theresa talked about her look on the reality series. She even showed fans how she styled her hair every day. The 55-year-old thanked one fan who left a kind comment about her hair.

“Thank you so much, I do like my hair!” Theresa said in the video before adding, “Even though a lot of people comment they don’t like my hair, I  still like my hair.”

Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo, Victoria [Credit: Theresa Caputo/Instagram]
[Credit: Theresa Caputo/Instagram]
Her fans flocked to the comment section to rave about her hair. Some love that she still uses hairspray. Others wanted a TikTok tutorial about how she gets her hair to stay so full. Now, Long Island Medium fans want to know all of her beauty secrets.

Regardless, some fans still don’t like the dated hairstyle. One claimed that it was “too much,” while another said, “the beehive needs to go along with the long hair.” Some fans are holding out hope that she will cut her hair again. She’s been rocking a mullet version of her look for the past few years.

Long Island Medium star upstaged daughter

The criticism over Theresa’s hair comes after she was accused of stealing the show at her daughter’s baby shower. Some fans slammed her for wearing a “too sexy” dress. Theresa and Victoria posed for photos back in November. The television personality normally wears head-to-toe black.

However, fans did a double-take when she wore a graffiti-print dress. Some claimed the colorful style was too young for her. One fan accused Theresa of upstaging her daughter on her special day. There were some fans who heckled Theresa for her ’80s hairstyle and combination dress.

Long Island Medium Claps Back At A Troll [Credit: Theresa Caputo/Instagram]
[Credit: Theresa Caputo/Instagram]
What are your thoughts on Theresa’s signature hairstyle? Do you think it’s too much? Or, do you think it suits her? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. NOOOOOOHer hair does NOT suit her at all,and i TOTALLY agree she COMPLETELY upstaged her Daughter making it all about HER GREEDY self absorbed self.😡😡She NEEDS to act her AGE.

  2. Oh my goodness…🤦🏼‍♀️- would people let people alone? Teresa is a colorful individual. That what makes her -“her”. Don’t like what she wears or how she does her hair… keep it classy and move on. Her “look” is hers and she rocks it. Heck- I get called Farrah Fawcett about my hair behind my back- whatever- you deal with this fine – cotton crap- sometimes it’s all ya got! And I’ll take it. 🙃- keep up your look Teresa. Go big or go home girl.🥰

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