Josh Duggar Allegedly Downloaded Video Of Sexually Abused Infant

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As Josh Duggar’s trial continues, he has been accused of allegedly downloading disturbing videos and images of child abuse on children as young as a three-month-old infant.

Trigger warning: The rest of this article may contain disturbing and graphic details related to the trial. Proceed with caution. 

According to The Sun, it was brought to light during yesterday’s (Thursday’s) trial hearing that one of the files found on Josh Duggar’s HP desktop computer contained video footage of a “three-month-old being sexually abused and tortured.”

Josh Duggar’s Trial: Day Three

On Day three of Josh Duggar’s trial, the prosecution brought disturbing photos and videos discovered on his computer to light. It was revealed that a folder labeled “child pornography” was discovered inside of a cache folder hidden in downloads on the HP computer. The prosecution confirmed the account attached to the computer has been confirmed to belong to Josh Duggar.

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One of the folders entered as evidence contained 65 different thumbnails. This is where the graphic photos and videos were discovered. The prosecution was able to confirm that someone attempted to download the videos and photos to the computer. The prosecution, however, did not provide proof anything was successfully downloaded. Nor did the prosecution provide proof Josh actually watched the material attached to these thumbnails.

At one point in time, the Director of the Department of Justice for Child Exploitation named James Fottrell took the stand and said: “There are multiple photos of a minor girl.” James was referring to the thumbnails.

It was also revealed that minors were found in a video that was “30 minutes long.”

Anna Duggar fled the courtroom during this reveal

As we previously reported, Anna Duggar buried her head in the sand by leaving the courtroom prior to any of this material being shown to the judge and jury. Anna Duggar has stood by her husband’s side from the moment he was arrested. She has been with him through every moment of this trial. So, it didn’t go unnoticed when she conveniently left the courtroom during the showing of this shocking and disturbing evidence.

Anna Duggar - Josh Duggar Youtube
Anna Duggar – Josh Duggar Youtube

On various social media platforms, those following the Josh Duggar trial speculate he may have actually ordered his wife to leave the courtroom during this portion. Many following the trial believe Anna Duggar should have been forced to remain in the courtroom so it might be a little more difficult for her to continue to turn a blind eye to her husband.

Are you shocked the explicitly content found on his computer included the abuse of an infant? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Josh Duggar trial.


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