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Wendy Williams Gives Update On Current Mental Health


Wendy Williams went out in public for the first time in months. This comes amid the growing concerns about her mental and physical health. The longtime talk show host went M.I.A. during the show’s Season 13 premiere. Wendy is reportedly dealing with “ongoing health issues” after a breakthrough case of COVID-19 and complications from Graves’ disease.

Her health has been an uphill battle. She previously broke her silence and assured fans that she will be back in her iconic purple chair soon. Yet, rumors swirled that Wendy is in a wheelchair and displays early signs of dementia. Sources claimed that she’s having difficulty walking. Wendy’s brother, Tommy Williams, denied the rumors.

Wendy Williams makes her first appearance

The former radio DJ made her first appearance as the health concerns grew. The Shade Room shared photos and videos showing her leaving a “wellness center” in Miami. Though someone escorted Wendy out of the facility, she didn’t have difficulty walking. The television star was receiving treatment inside the facility.

Wendy’s asked if she’s “sad” about her talk show being “canceled.” She ignores the question and keeps moving. The cancellation rumors aren’t true. In fact, ratings have been higher than ever amid her absence. There have been talks that Sherri Shepherd may replace Wendy.

Wendy Williams [Screenshot | YouTube]
[Screenshot | YouTube]
Wendy claims that she’s “doing fabulous.” Wendy wore a bright red Versace robe in the video. She paired her look with black eyeglasses and flats. The pop culture icon appeared to be in good spirits. She teased that there will be “lots more Wendy stuff” in the future.

In other photos on The Shade Room’s Instagram post, her son, Kevin, is seen helping his mom in and out of the SUV. However, when she leaves the facility, she’s surrounded by various people. This is the first time that Wendy has been spotted in public for months.

Rumors about her future swirl

Show producers aren’t sure what to do with The Wendy Williams Show. It’s likely that they could reboot the show. Because of Wendy’s ongoing health issues, it’s unclear whether she will continue to host the talk show. Producers are looking for a permanent replacement to take over.

Reportedly, network executives don’t have an issue with Wendy being gone. They’ve enjoyed the uptick in ratings with the celebrity guest hosts during her leave of absence. Wendy was also hit with cruel rumors about being “confined to a wheelchair and showing early signs of dementia.”

The video on The Shade Room proves that she can walk and talk just fine. TV Shows Ace previously reported that fans don’t want Leah Remini to host the show. They want Sherri Shepherd back. For now, it’s unclear whether the 57-year-old is returning to her show. She didn’t reveal what “Wendy stuff” she has in mind for fans.

Some fans feel that she could just Zoom from her bed. What are your thoughts? Do you think Wendy should return to the show? Sound off below in the comments.

Check back with Wendy Williams for more news on TV Shows Ace.

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  1. I am really not a Wendy fan, however, I have been enjoying her show without her. I can’t take too much of Leah Remini, she is so loud and obnoxious, talks over everyone and is too vulgar for my taste. However I really love all the other fill in hosts very much. We can survive Wendy and her self centered, negative behaviour. She needs to retire…her body is telling her to!!

  2. We love Wendy I have been a fan from day one ☝️ I have been praying for her health and I hope like hell she will return to the spot only Wendy can fill. Leah was wacky AF but Sherri and Bill were great 💗🙏🏽💗🙏🏽

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