‘Below Deck’ Adrienne Gang Shares Devastating Miscarriage Details

Below Deck Adrienne Gang Opens Up About Her Miscarriage [Screenshot | YouTube]

Below Deck alum Adrienne Gang opened up about her devastating miscarriage. Fans know her as the first chief stew on Season 1 of the original series. Though she’s no longer a part of the Bravo family, she’s still involved with the yachting industry. Adrienne also live-tweets the show with the viewers.

Fans love her input about the franchise and would love to see her on Galley Talk. But she’s not interested in being on reality TV. She would rather be part of the industry without having to deal with cameras. In a candid new interview, Adrienne shared a heartbreaking story with fans.

Below Deck alum shares her heartbreaking story

Adrienne had an exclusive interview with Below Deck Mediterranean alum Tiffany Copeland on the Gangplank Report podcast. The former television personality hosts the show with her friend and Below Deck superfan Jen Bennington. Tiffany welcomed her baby girl Amelia Rose Jones in July. During the episode, Adrienne revealed that she suffered a devastating miscarriage.

“We had planned this podcast to do this a couple of weeks ago for right around now for a very specific reason,” Adrienne explained, as quoted by Monsters & Critics. “I am going to try to do this without crying. Andrew and I were going to announce that we were having our first baby. And that was supposed to be sometime around June, which would have made Amelia 11 months older, and unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago, I had a miscarriage.”

Below Deck Adrienne Gang And Andrew [Credit: Adrienne Gang/Instagram]
[Credit: Adrienne Gang/Instagram]
She wanted to share her story in hopes to help others who suffered from a miscarriage. Adrienne lost her child around seven weeks. She didn’t know because she didn’t experience any of the common symptoms. The doctor confirmed the loss of her child when she went for her “regular ultrasound appointment.” Unfortunately, miscarriages can happen during the first trimester.

Adrienne couldn’t understand why she had a miscarriage. She sought answers to her questions. She learned that she’s just one of many women who had a miscarriage. She hopes that her story will bring some sort of healing.

Adrienne Gang hopes to bring comfort

Thankfully, the conversations surrounding miscarriages have changed over the years. Yet, some women feel so alone. They don’t know who to turn to. Adrienne said that the reason why she chose to share her miscarriage is that so one woman could feel less alone.

“The first couple of days, I didn’t really tell much of anybody, and it felt very lonely,” she explained. “Because it’s so early on, even my husband – I mean, he was really sad. But it’s one of those things that it’s harder for him to process because there wasn’t anything visible that was different about me. And it was sad, but I still felt very lonely.”

That feeling of loneliness inspired Adrienne to share her story. Though the pain is still there since her miscarriage is so recent. She wants to carry on the conversation about miscarriage. Elsewhere in the podcast, she shared that she still watches the yachting show.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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