‘RHOC’ Star Heather Dubrow Strikes Back At Kelly Dodd

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.RHOC star Heather Dubrow and her former co-star Kelly Dodd’s feud is far from over. The two women continuously go after one another at any given chance and it doesn’t look like they will be stopping anytime soon.

It is no secret to the Real Housewives of Orange County fans that Heather and Kelly’s personalities do not mesh well. Kelly is not one for backing down in an argument, and as for Heather, well she can only take so much before she begins flying off the handle as well.

Dubrow claims she believes that Dodd is “sad and pathetic” and somewhat “obsessed” with her according to Page Six reports.  Heather reveals that she is a little unsure of what to think about Kelly’s recent actions.

Credit: YouTube/Bravo
Credit: YouTube/Bravo

Is Kelly Dodd’s Obsession Heather Dubrow?

As previously reported by Tv Shows Ace, in November Kelly became very irate during a recent dinner outing with friends after being seated too close to Heather and her husband Terry. During the dinner, Kelly whipped out her phone and began filming the Dubrows all the while looking to stir up a bit of a commotion.

Kelly is heard throughout the video calling both Heather and Terry names and continuously referring to them as “Dumb and Dumber.” Dodd reportedly is hoping to cause a stir by urging her husband, Rick, to confront the Dubrows.

“Why don’t you say something to that guy that is suing you?” Kelly was non too happy that Rick stayed in his seat refusing to confront Heather Dubrow‘s husband. However, that did not stop her from continuing to film and insult the couple.

When Heather was asked how she felt about Kelly’s recent outburst she states; “It makes me laugh. Kelly seems to talk about me a lot. At this point, I don’t know whether to be really flattered that she’s so obsessed with me, or sad for her that she has no other content.”

Credit YouTube-Bravo
Credit YouTube-Bravo

Heather Dubrow Claims Kelly Has Nothing Better To Do With Her Life

Dubrow went on to claim that women who leave reality television should know how to exit gracefully. They need to figure out what comes next in their lives.

“No. 1 You don’t burn bridges and No. 2 you have to figure out your next steps. I don’t think sitting in a restaurant filming former cast members is a viable employment opportunity. It just seems sad, and pathetic. You have to extract yourself elegantly,” claims Heather.

Fans are eagerly awaiting to hear Kelly’s response to Heather’s recent remarks. Bravo fans well know that Dodd is not going to let Heather’s somewhat polite response pass by without a comment.

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 16 premieres on December 1 on Bravo. Despite recent reports of plenty of drama unfolding in Season 16 among Heather Dubrow and Shannon Beador, one thing is for certain it will certainly be a little quieter in the OC without Kelly this season.

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