‘My 600-Lb. Life’: Did Lacey Buckingham & Ricky Get Back Together?

My 600 Lb Life Lacey Buckingham

Tonight’s episode of My 600-Lb. Life leaves viewers wondering if Lacey Buckingham and Ricky get back together? Is there a relationship status update on these two lovebirds? Is Lacey dating someone else? Here’s what we know.

Warning: Article contains spoilers from My 600-Lb. Life Season 10, Episode 5 “Lacey B’s Story”

My 600-Lb. Life introduces Lacey Buckingham and Ricky

Tonight’s episode of My 600-Lb. Life introduces a very sweet and oddly new couple. Lacey Buckingham tells the camera she met Ricky on the internet about a month or two. She explained the two have been together nearly every day since they first met. Lacey admits that she leans on Ricky pretty heavily. While she isn’t happy about it, she admits that he has even helped wipe her after going to the bathroom.

Lacey Buckingham - My 600 Lb Life

Speaking to the camera, Ricky admits he’s absolutely smitten with Lacey. He explained that he had his own issues with weight at one point in time in his life. So, he understands what she’s going through. Ricky tells the camera he really doesn’t mind helping Lacey with what she needs.

Ricky’s sister Sharon blasts Lacey

Ricky’s sister Sharon pretty much comes out of the gate swinging when she’s introduced on the show. She makes it clear she’s protective of her brother and she won’t let anyone take advantage of him. As we previously reported, Sharon catches Lacey in a lie about her doctor appointments and it proves to be all the ammunition she needs to get her brother to see this is not a good relationship for him.

My 600 Lb Life Sharon

Sharon questions what exactly Lacey does for her brother. She notes that they haven’t been together long enough to really love each other. And, she insists Lacey is just using her brother because she needs someone to take care of her.

Engaged and then split up

Lacey Buckingham admits things are going really great for her part of the way through the episode. She reveals that Ricky asked her to marry him and she couldn’t be happier. She admits that things went really fast. The two make the impulsive decision to move to Texas to show Dr. Now she is serious about losing weight. Unfortunately, a recent trip to the hospital reveals she’s only lost 16 of the 50 pounds Dr. Now wanted her to lose. And, by the time she actually makes it to Texas, she ends up gaining four of those pounds back.

As we previously reported, Ricky and his sister Sharon end up abandoning Lacey during the drive to Houston. While they return the next day and offer to take her the rest of the way, Lacey refuses to get in the vehicle with them. So, they take off and donate all of her things to charity.

My 600 Lb Life - Lacey - Buckingham

Did Lacey Buckingham and Ricky get back together?

By the very end of the episode, Lacey Buckingham manages to make it back home. She, however, admits she’s lost very valuable possessions she’ll never be able to get back. The episode ends with Lacey also admitting that she really misses Ricky and she hopes she’ll be able to get him back.

Unfortunately, there is no mention of Ricky anywhere on Lacey’s Facebook profile. Her profile, however, does mention that she is a happy girlfriend and currently in a relationship with someone. So, perhaps she got back with Ricky. Or, perhaps, she found someone else to be in a relationship with.

My 600 Lb Life - Lacey Buckingham

Were you hopeful that Ricky and Lacey Buckingham of My 600-Lb. Life would get back together? Or, did you think this relationship was doomed? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest news and recaps on My 600-Lb. Life.

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Allie Johnson


  1. Any man that allows his sister to talk to the woman he loves the way Ricky let Sharon talk to Lacey does not deserve that woman. I hope that Lacey does not go back to Ricky. He left her on the side of the road and gave away all of her belongings. She should forgive him for her own mental health, but should never forget the state he left her in.

    1. Oh my God, I pray to God she never takes that POS back… His sister is an awful Human and Shame on him for letting his sister talk to her that way. And Shame on both of them for giving all of her belongings away… Dear Lord give her the strength she needs to move on and get over that horrible Man !!!! This episode literally broke my heart and I wish I could win the lottery so i could help Lacey 😢 Ugh worst and most heartbreaking episode I’ve ever seen 💔 God bless you lacey 🙏

    2. I agree with you 100%. I felt so bad for Lacey, getting dropped off at a gas station! That was brutal. Sharon said she has power of attorney for Ricky, for some reason. I hope Lacey can find happiness with someone else.

      1. She has her faults yes but what was done to her was wrong. And your comment just shows that you’re a cold hearted person with a lot of hate for someone you don’t even know. 😒

      2. She will never change, she’s a MANIPULATOR. If any man can’t figure that out in the first few minutes, he’s been sheltered way too long. Lacey needs psychological help big time & preferrably not one of those reccomended by Dr Now. They don’t do piddly squat, just smile & collect that paycheck Dr Now read Lacey like a book, he knows a bullsh*tter when he sees one. Her lies fell on deaf ears!

      3. I don’t know how you determine she’s lazy or not lazy because they didn’t really show enough about that but it has nothing to do with what happened on the way to Texas anyway. The sister reacted like she just heard Lacey had cheated on her brother, not missed a bloody doctors appointment. And none of it is any of her business anyway. It’s so obvious that the sister has her brother under her thumb. He didn’t make any decision for himself he just followed his sisters lead. Why the heck are his sister and mother sheltering him anyway? Because he’s “epileptic”? Truth is he isn’t. Emotional epilepsy isn’t really epilepsy at all. I should know I’m Epileptic. Emotional epilepsy is a psychological problem, not a neurological one. They don’t treat it with medication, they treat it with a psychiatrist or a psychologist. There’s no way on earth my partner would sit there while his sister treated me the way his sister constantly treated Lacey. Whether they belong together or not isn’t for anyone to say but Ricky and Lacey.

        1. the sister was about to lose access to his disability check, that’s why she went crazy like she did out of nowhere

      4. I somewhat agree with you, but the part that sticks out to me though is who was bringing her the food. Who was taking her to to the grocery store. Sharon and her brother were doing that. So they are kinda part to blame for her not losing weight. Ricky could of helped her by removing all the bad food from the house. He was steadily enabling her by offering her food loaded with carbs. For someone on a weight loss journey to be successful, they need a good support base. I also believe Lacey was lazy and she lied often and was manipulative. I can see why the sister was protective of her brother, but abandoning someone at a gas station is very cold. In most states, threatening to kill someone is usually considered a crime. That shit is on camera too.

    3. Seems like Ricky and Sharon holding to some of her items or even giving them away, could be considered a criminal act.

    4. I just watched it (I’m late but still) and was like wtf RICKY!!! Why would you let Sharon treat someone you “love” that way….obviously you don’t love her.

    5. I don’t think any of these people are saints, but ugh, to abandon someone in a gas station in the middle of nowhere is one of the most heartless thing I’ve ever seen. Who does that?? Ricky is mentally incompetent and does whatever others tell him to do, which Lacey knows, but she was desperate enough and lonely enough to want a relationship with him. Really sad.

      Sharon sees what’s going on with Lacey’s continued poor eating habits and Lacey’s manipulation of Ricky, but Sharon’s vicious way of “protecting” her brother is cruel. And talk about manipulation! The ONLY reason Lacey and Ricky broke up is Sharon’s manipulation of Ricky. I doubt Ricky fully comprehends what happened.

      Sharon never wanted to help out in the first place, so IMO she should never have gotten involved. Maybe then she wouldn’t be guilty of dumping a disabled person out on the side of the highway.

      I have an acquaintance who, years ago, dumped her teenaged son out in the middle of nowhere because he’d misbehaved. The few times I think of her, that’s what I think of–what a horror of a human being she is. I imagine normal people who know Sharon think the same thing about her.

  2. I am deeply disturbed by the episode. How could the producers and camera crew witness such horrid abuse and allow that to happen??? There needs to be charges filed!! I can not even believe all that happened without ANY help!! Sharon needs to be charged along with those that were witnesses to all that went down. Thye take her belongings and ditch them????????? DISGUSTED!!

    1. I worked in Reality TV for several years, and I guarantee the producers were grinning ear to ear during those heated exchanges. All they see is “great tv” from that. Sadly, the people who are living through these situations are just props. This episode made me extremely anxious. I had to stop a few times and then go back. I prefer the positive success stories to the trainwrecks.

      1. You are so right. In Reality TV, people at home only see a tidbit of what everyone else sees and the crew sure does love the heated exchanges! You also have to remember (to the other poster) that some of these things are staged and scripted. Just makes for good TV.

    2. I so agree with you! Sharon and Ricky abused Lacey and jeopardized her safety by abandoning her without means to get home in an area that she didn’t even know! Both of them should answer legally for what they did Lacey, she also needs to sue them for her belongings! They have a lot of nerve to judge
      Lacey, they are cold horrible human beings!

      1. It was cruel but not illegal. What would you charge them with? The weren’t contracted to drive her there and even if she had contracted them it would be contract law, not criminal law and all she’d get was her money back. As for her belongings that’s a different story. She could say they told her they were dropping it at the U-Haul facility, they could say she said all she wanted was her CPAP and her oxygen machine. Still, it’s not a criminal act. They didn’t steal her stuff. She allowed them to drive away with it.

  3. This event was hard to watch. The sister was a mean coward. Instead of addressing her concerns earlier, she waited after being on the road for hours and then violently verbally attacks Lacey. I can’t imagine doing something that mean to a physically impaired person. The only good thing coming from this is that Lacey is now safely away from these two.

    1. I’m done watching this show, this episode was the last straw. For producers to sit back and film verbal abuse and threats of violence. Then for her to lose everything… I just can’t contribute to it anymore. I’m officially boycotting this show and network.

  4. Ugh. That Sharon. Even if she was right about Lacey “using” her brother, you don’t just drop people off in a strange state at a gas station, get rid of their stuff after verbally abusing them. Dogs get treated better. She is a sad person. I pray Lacey continues to become healthy, I pray that Sharon reaps what she sows and I pray that Ricky wakes up to his sisters controlling ways. Otherwise he will never be happy.

  5. OMG Lacy needs to stay a million miles from Ricky. Ricky is obviously very controlled by his crazy sister Sharon.

  6. Wow I am floored in shock…Sharon is crazy, abusive, manipulating Ricky to gang up on Lacey who was deeply in love until Sharon TOLD him that he wasn’t going to stay in Texas he flipped on a dime they left her saying “she’s lucky she’s out of the car____”they donated her property as well🤯😰😖😭‼️‼️
    Lacey has an eating disorder and definitely some mental health issues Do they really think that she got to that size without being lying and manipulating to Abandon somebody like that being verbally abusive is over the top disgusting Sharon is a disgusting bully ugly inside and out probably realizes that she’ll be out of Ricky’s social security money💩💩‼️‼️

  7. RUN RICKY RUN !! IS THE WAY I SEE IT. SHE IS JUST USING HIM. And he felt sorry for her because of his own weight issues. She doesn’t want to help herself and the fact is, she will not live much longer. She will eat herself to death. She was fortunate the Dr. NOW was going to help her change and have a chance at a longer, healthier life, and messed that up by putting in no effort. Many of these people think there is some magic answer, to repairing the damage they have done themselves over years. There is no magic involved. It’s a mindset, for the long haul, and changing your bad habits forever. What I don’t get is why we’re they not seeking help at 300 pounds, why let yourself get to double that or more. This surgery is available normally when someone is 100 lbs over weight and are still capable of taking care of their basic needs themselves. Driving, personal hygiene, cooking healthy, grocery shopping in a responsible manner. Not bringing the wrong foods into the house. There are groups in most places to join for moral support. I’ve been to 306 lbs when I was 9 months pregnant. It was a long struggle, but had to take personal responsibility.
    I am now at 211 and still have plenty to go. I’m 5′ 7 “, but soon will face a double transplant. I am working hard to at least loose 40 more pounds so my recovery easier. I would like to lose more than that, but I set goals that are realistic and work towards them. I weigh every morning to stay on track and as a personal reminder to stay focused. Everyone is different. For me I eat 5 or 6 times a day, but no full meals. For example a nutri-grain bar and a yogurt. Would be one of my snacks of those 5 or 6 snacks. In the morning I normally have an Adkins drink.
    Sometimes 1 pkg instant oatmeal. Or small bowl of frosted mini wheats. Perhaps 2 scrambled eggs and 2 pieces of bacon. I never eat potatoes and seldom have bread. If I fix a grilled cheese I do it on 40 net carb bread, and that might be 1 time in 10 days. I stay at 1200 calories a day and watch my carbs. Just have to work out your own menu. I eat beef about 1 time a week. A hamburger with sautaued red bell pepper and a bit of onion.
    Then chicken about 1 or 2 times a week. NO processed meat. It’s really not that difficult once your body adjusts to not having anything sugary. My go to drink always is Propel. It’s the best. I buy the dry packets and always carry a couple. That way if I am in a restaurant I can order water and add a packet. I never, ever drink soda of any kind. Good luck to anyone that has to fight weight. It is so difficult till you find the routine that works for you. BELIEVE ME, IF I CAN DO IT, ANYONE CAN

    1. And you are using Lacey for your own benefit… to toot your own horn. Do you really need attention that bad to trash Lacey here? Shame on you!

    2. If anyone I knew shit there pants on a road trip anywhere we are no longer traveling together . and we can never be friends . Also She is using Ricky . Period point blank. She isn’t even capable of intimacy
      . That’s not love that dependancy .

  8. I don’t care how bad someone’s addiction is or how bad their problems are. No one deserves to be abandoned out in the middle of nowhere and have their personal items taken away from them and donated without their permission. That sister has no heart for anyone not even her brother. Lacy need to take care of herself before trying to have a relationship. It’s tough but learn to take care of yourself before you can handle having someone in your life.


    1. Whatever your opinion of Sharon’s actions, I can’t approve of judging people by the way they dress or the fact that they have piercings. or even the fact that they swear when angry. I’ve know very nice people who dress as Sharon does and have piercings. Those statements of yours reek of bigotry.

  10. Lacey is a fat pig and a liar. 7 months and not even 50 pounds lost. She wanted something for nothing. She had no intention of following Dr
    Now’s advice otherwise she would not have moved to Houston.

  11. I cried watching this episode because I couldn’t fathom that a person could be that nasty and inhumane to someone for so little provocation. Lacey was treated like garbage. I also felt sorry for Ricky because he seemed so happy with Lacey but was so powerless against his sister. He probably knew better to keep his mouth shut and not go against her since he has probably seen that foul rage before directed against himself or But if I were Lacey, I would not get back with him because he comes with Sharon and I would not want to have anything whatsoever to do with her.

    I understand that Lacey didn’t do a good job losing the weight but I have been watching My 600 lb Life for MANY years and it takes many of them a long time to get it together and make all of the necessary changes. She was no worse than many on the program. I did note that she was shown sitting down while others were helping them to pack but i also observed on several occasions that she was quite winded and breathing heavily with the least exertion. But it is not an excuse to be a nasty, foul-mouthed bully to her and I sincerely hope that everyone who knows Sharon G. and hasn’t seen that part of her in action, although i doubt she could ever hold it in, has a chance to see her true personality. I hope that includes any current or potential employers. Lacey, I hope you do find the motivation and strength to lose the weight and also find someone to love you.

  12. OMG! I just watched this episode and I was shocked at how Sharon acted!!! I don’t care what’s going on about Lacey’s appointments or whatever! She just used that to go off on her like she had wanted to all along. Somebody said Sharon is Rickey’s power of attorney? You don’t need that if you just have epilepsy. There was something else going on with him and Sharon probably spends his disability money!! I think Lacey wanted him to take care of her, too, but nobody deserves to be abandoned in the middle of nowhere with nothing! There’s no way in hell she would have left with MY UHaul full of my stuff! Her ass would have been arrested!! I think some of that is a put on for TV maybe. No sane person would stand for that! Ugh! Sharon is ghetto trash!

  13. My heart does ache for Lacey’s situation, yet maybe there are brighter days ahead for. Maybe now she will lose the weight and become more independent. At the near end of the episode, she and a friend of hers were going to get a place together. My fear is she will relapse and become totally dependent on her new roommate. As far as Sharon goes, honey you have no room to talk. Hopefully someone will give her a wake up call. Now it’s my understanding that Sharon is Ricky’s guardian, or is Sharon just a very controlling sister? Either way Ricky may find out that no one will be good enough for Ricky. Ricky may end up alone. I’ve been in that boat when I was in love with a man similar to Ricky. I didn’t need William’s help in ADL. It was more like he needed me for his ADL. Again even though it is a tough time for Lacey, it may also be the best thing to happen to her.

  14. Ricky how dare u say I abuse u also Ricky leave doesn’t back his fiancé up abandons her and gives her stuff away illegally

    That to me sounds like an abuser

  15. SHARON IS a POS!!!!! she’s probably the 1 using her brother!!!!! Absolutely disgusting what they did to her!!!

  16. Yes I do feel for Lacey because I would imagine it’s hard to lose weight when you are that big and let’s face it, people are not that big without having other mental and emotional issues. Lacey, I feel is not capable of really loving a man or anyone and is looking in every person she meets, someone to help her out in some way….Dr Now has her figured out spot on. Now having said all this, Lacey “DID NOT DESERVE” to be abandoned in the middle of nowhere, just like that, that was incredibly mean…although the next day, Rick did approach her and offer to drive her the rest of the way and drop her off, she sadly refused, but Rick and his anger managment sister should not have donated all her valuables, that was just absurd, ridiculous and very immature….

  17. If she had listened to Dr. Now and waited to see first if she’d lost enough weight and then moved to Houston, this wouldn’t hv happened. I mean yeah, she may have gotten put out the vehicle somewhere, but she’d have had a home to go back to. They were wrong for that, at least I wouldn’t do anyone that way, just leave them in some strange city and state at a gas station? They initially said the apt was approved, so why not just say “hey, lacey, just STFU from here on out, well take you to your appt, and get your things to your new apt, but afterwards, were gone.” Better than just leaving her in freakin nowhereville!

  18. I just watched this episode. The way Sharon treated Lacey was unbelievable! I heard lacey say Sharon was Rickys power of attorney, wonder what she gets out of that she didn’t want to lose by him moving to Texas and getting married. Lacey had food issues, but Sharon was just nasty! Ricky needs to grow the he’ll up and stop letting Sharon control him. She will run off anyone that gets to close to him.

  19. His sister was overtly abusive. And Lacey was right to call the cops. This was the most disturbing episode Id ever seen. Her fiancé was a complete coward. But I also realize he had mental deficits.

  20. Im convinced his sister was getting some sort of financial support for him. And the nerve of his sister to criticize Lacys looks and weight, as if she was in shape and attractive

  21. Sharon never liked her to begin with she humiliated her belittle her and made her to be the worst when they left her stranded on the street like nothing shows how evil they are what low life’s leaves a woman like that ! I hope she never ever takes him back she deserves better
    He had my full respect at first when I saw how he treated her how he supported her but he let his sister ruin his relationship what kind of man does that! I hope she goes far loses the weight and shows him what he lost ! This is where you pick up and stroke back with results to show them they screwed up and not only for that but for herself she deserves a better life and if she tried hard she can do it !
    Bless her friend who went to help her! No one deserves to be treated like that!!

  22. Sharon is a scummy creature, that could barely be considered human. She has no heart, and thinks that it’s okay to be hateful. She thinks that she’s doing Ricky a favor, but he’s not a man, he’s a weak puppy, who won’t stand up for the woman he supposedly loves.
    Lacey is buried in ignorance, and addicted to food, but I would rather be friends with her, than even know Sharon and Ricky. Lacey can lose weight, but Sharon will always be ugly, while Ricky will never be worth marrying, if he lets Sharon dictate his life. She’s better off without them both!

  23. I think all three of them have sides to them which aren’t particularly attractive. Lacey just wanted someone to cook for her and wipe her butt, Ricky obviously has some form of learning difficulties, as well as being epileptic, so I just think he was happy to be in a relationship no matter how toxic it was. I totally get Sharon looking out for her brother, especially as he seems to have special needs, but she took it too far at times. I do understand her kicking off at Lacey too, she drove 5k miles each time to see Dr Now, which was a 10 day all round trip, so I get the fact she blew up when she found out about Lacey not taking the program seriously. I think Lacey was wrong calling the police on Sharon and Ricky, there was no need for that, total overreaction which probably caused them not getting back together, but I don’t agree with them leaving her in the middle of nowhere, and donating her furniture, that was just cruel.

  24. I think the sister knew that she had canceled some other appointment… and I understand it because you need money to travel etc. the problem here is that it is a relationship of three. he is not a mature person. his sister controls him and treats him as if he were a child. what is his job? where does he get the money?? the sister is involved in that relationship. she had her house, her furniture and her things… they abandon her at a gas station and then donate her things… that is denounceable. and it is clear that it can be proven that the sister had it planned. she shouldn’t care if she cancels a date.
    She would only have to advise her… what they have done to her is a shame… take her out of a place… empty her house… abandon her at a gas station… no one understands this… what that woman and her brother did is denounceable .. because they have donated things that are not theirs. here in europe that is denounceable and punishable. Why do you support a person to move… and to close a stage now then abandon her in the middle of the United States… and then her things… her life… you throw them away…
    That’s being a bad person… you don’t abandon anyone at a gas station or do that to a person who has that health problem
    You have to help others and if you are not willing… do not spoil the life of another person
    Do you notice that the profile of all these people is that they are at
    edge of the abyss?

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